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free music to end the year with

Here’s some more free mixes to end the year with, full of hard and fast beaty goodness, as usual. Evol Intent put up a great 2011 overview set on their Facebook page. You have to “like” it to be able to download it, but for once I knew that I was going to really like […]

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c64 free breakcore mix

Peace Off released a second free mix yesterday¬† called Delayed Reaction containing all the hippest and cool breakcore tracks, commercial song remixes, drum’n’bass bangers and even hard rock snippets in-between the harsh amen breaks and gabber beats. All this ear-splitting yummieness is mixed into a single 123-minute long mix by DJ C64, in his typical […]

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jungletrain promo mix goodness

Aight aight, one more for the jungle massif. It’s kinda late to post this promomix of september because that particular month is almost over as you might have noticed, but hey, better late than never right? I only got around to listening to it recently, but as it was ripping from the CD player […]

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more hardcore dnb bizzniz

How about some more hardcore drum’n’bass linkage? I know some of you dig this kind of shit, so here’s another one. I heard a set on by this guy named iDrake and it was rocking hard. So I checked out his website at, downloaded his most recent set and guess what… it rocked […]

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wreckinball mp3 sets

Time for some fresh noise, beats and cuts I’d say. If you’re into some phat breakcore drum’n’bass action, check out these DJ new sets from Edgey and Enduser at Wreckinball online at the reduced phat website. Kick ass shit!! And if you feel like getting a bite of some crazy gabber mixing stylee, check out […]