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free music to end the year with

Here’s some more free mixes to end the year with, full of hard and fast beaty goodness, as usual. Evol Intent put up a great 2011 overview set on their Facebook page. You have to “like” it to be able to download it, but for once I knew that I was going to really like […]

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wicked drum'n'bass set from subfilter

How about setting this new year off with some splendid drum’n’bass mixage? Well, if you’re into the more break-oriented drum’n’bass, you’ll certainly dig this set from Subfilter which was broadcasted live from on the 28th of december, last year. It starts of nice and easy, to end up with some of the best tunes […]

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fracture4 hardcore drum'n'bass mixes

Another lad I posted mixes from a long time ago is Fracture4. This guy is known for his grinding industrial hardcore sets and productions, which you can check out on his myspace page. For 2008 however, he put some kick-ass drum’n’bass sets on his website for you to download for no charge at all. One […]

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voidheads dj set from hell

Time for another hardcore drum’n’bass mix. This ain’t 100% drum’n’bass, but contains some nasty, raw breakcore mixed up with some of the hardest drum’n’bass tracks around at the moment… just the way we like it. I picked this excellent piece of an mp3 up over at the jungletrain forums, mixed together by the one like […]

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more hardcore dnb bizzniz

How about some more hardcore drum’n’bass linkage? I know some of you dig this kind of shit, so here’s another one. I heard a set on by this guy named iDrake and it was rocking hard. So I checked out his website at, downloaded his most recent set and guess what… it rocked […]