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Funny how some people still want to protect their ultra-leet html source code by using JavaScript trickery in the era of OSS. Whenever I run into one of those pages I see it as a challenge to break that protection, and usually it’s very easily done. But still in an environment like the web which […]

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Interesting read on how Microsoft’s FUD campaign against Open Source Software is failing, and this is what I would like to see more with software used by governments.

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update week

Some nice updates came to my attention this week. Firefox 0.9 has been released by the Mozilla team, which has been my favorite browser for quite a while now . Remember when it was still called Phoenix? Aaah, those where the days. I don’t like the new theme all that much personally, but setting the […]

fun rant

euro 2004

Euro 2004 has kicked off bigtime now, and there’s bloody football matches all day, ever day it seems. Since I’m not a football fan myself, and barely like watching sports anyway (besides perhaps a nice girls tennis match ;)) there isn’t much left for me to do than hit my favorite chatroom, and surf around […]

belgium politics rant

another black sunday

Elections are over in Belgium and it turned out to be yet another so called “black sunday“. Once again the extreme rightwing party know as the “Vlaams Blok” has gained lots of votes all over Flanders. What seemed to be a local phenomenon located around Antwerp is starting to spread to the other provinces now. […]