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gmail rawks

It does, really. I mean yeah, it’s yet another web-mail thing, but seriously, take a look at it… if you’ve gotten an invite by now of course, otherwise there’s no chance of getting in any more. Plenty of invites around though, so if you Google around a bit, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s willing to send you one (try this).
Anyway, why does it rock? Cause you get 1GB of space for one, but that’s not all. There are others that do the same thing, no biggy, but the GMail has some nifty features that make a geek like me feel all warm and fussy inside.

First they order your emails in “conversations”. Now WTF is that you ask, well, it’s simple. It’s like usenet newsreaders that group relevant posts together in a single thread, so does GMail with your emails. And it does it pretty good as well.
So whenever you receive some reply to a mailing list thread of a few days ago, you see that conversation listed in your inbox, which allows you to easily see what other people where babbling about in the very same thread. Sweet innit.

Also in GMail you don’t use folders for instance to catalogue/order your received emails. Folders are out, pass´┐Ż, you use tags instead. You can tag any conversation with more than one tag. This can be handy if, for instance, you let GMail automatically add a tag to each email that comes from your, lets say, favourite mailing list.
You’ll get a “gabberlist” link on the left of your inbox, which will work just like a folder, grouping all the labelled conversations together.
But -and here comes the neat part- you can also manually apply a second label “mixes” to all emails that contain links to mp3 DJ sets, which gives you another folder-like link, which will contain all DJ mixes for future reference, from various mailing lists (cause you’re not only listening to hardcore now are you).

Yes I know, it rawks, and that not all. The GUI is like… whow… fast.
A lot of DHTML and background refreshes using a hidden frame are done to speed things up for you, and make things blindingly fast most of the time. The pages get refreshed now and then of course, its still web based, but it’s a hell of a lot faster than Hotmail or Yahoo or any other web based email thingy I’ve used in the past.
Check out that spell checker for example, fast & easy. I actually used it to check this post for spelling mistakes… looks like I have a problem with the word received btw.

So personally, I think this GMail thing is gonna blow the competition out of the water… and it’s currently only in beta! Ha! Eat that Microsoft.
Oh yeah, and I don’t care about those ads no, cause they are so unnoticeable it took me a week to find out they where actually there… but that might be just me.

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tales from the crypt

Winter is closing in, and darkness is falling sooner each day, so perhaps it’s time to get in the mood with some dark sites.

The site is creepy enough for instance to give you a chill on a dark winter night. Plenty of impressive collages and layers of ghouls and corpses in the gallery section to feast your eyes on. His imagery is good enough to compete with one of my favorite artists, H.R. Giger, but is not copy of his work (unlike a lot of others…)
The site itself is a piece of art as well btw, so check it out.

If you feel like it, you can even download a wallpaper and scare the crap out of your more conservative colleagues.

If you’re craving for some more similar undead digital material, there’s plenty more to be found at the Dark Side of the Net.

Oh yes, I did rip that pick of the month indeed, but it’s worth it right?

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creative commons

Even though I ran into the Creative Commons licenses before (at Electrobel for instance) I never really thought of it to use it for a blog license until I ran into Neil Turners blog after some Google search.

Not a bad idea actually, even if it’s just because it looks kinda cool to have a license entry. Cool for a geek that is.


how evil is your site?

Want to know how evil your website really is? Well, thanks to the Gematriculator now you can determine exactly that using the methods of Gematria.

I quote from the site:

Experts consider the mathematical patterns in the text of the Holy Bible as God’s watermark of authenticity. Thus, the Gematriculator provides only results that are absolutely correct.

Well, that takes care of any arguments about the authenticity of the results I guess… ;)

I ran it for my blog of course, and it’s quite evil it seems, whoehahahaha!!!

This site is certified 32% EVIL by the Gematriculator

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mozilla firefox v1.0PR released

Mozilla Firefox has released it’s milestone v1.0 browser.

Some really nice features have been added to this version, such as live bookmarking of RSS feeds, the extended search options, and a slick upgrade procedure provided by the setup program, and that built in popup blocker I couldn’t live without anymore.

If you haven’t switched browsers yet, maybe it’s time you give this one a shot.
It’s a lot more secure than IE, and it’s l33t as fuck as well :)
It runs smoothly next to IE, so if you don’t like it (which I doubt) you can uninstall it without a problem afterwards.