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scary stuff

No not huge hairy spiders crawling on your face at night, or mutating radioactive zombies (although those would be rather scary), but more real life stuff. The possibility of a Christian reverent becoming president of the US of A. FTW! As if it wasn’t bad enough already with the currently inspired by Christianity-when-it-suited-his-cause Bush Jr. […]

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yahoo! says: drm sucks

And I couldn’t agree more. Through here I ran into this neat post on the Yahoo! music blog where they claim they want music to be without nasty DRM features, and that labels just sell plain good old mp3’s. Good stuff if you ask me. DRM sucks, and it’s good to see that a big […]

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where it's at

I just noticed that Yahoo! 360° had an update lately. They added a bunch of good features from the look of it, although nothing really that shocking or ground breaking. Now you have custom themes, embedded video and you’re able to add music to your blast message, which is kinda neat. Basically all stuff that […]

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does yahoo have the answer?

Yahoo! Answers beta Q&A service came online this week, and I had this rather long post about how it doesn’t live up to the expectations I had for it. So I’m not going to bore you with that long post, and just say that most of the questions being asked are mainly infantile, and can […]

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yahoo 360

So I have a Yahoo 360° account (I know, I’m so hip), and I’ve been checking it out a bit at a time now and then, and it looks like it has some great potential. If you are currently using a lot of other Yahoo! services, like their webmail, groups, messenger and their photo albums, […]