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I’ve been watching the internet concerning the Iranian elections lately and I have to say that the information being delivered over the net is far more interesting than what traditional media has to offer, plus it’s a lot faster too. A few things are quite interesting about this whole thing from an geek point of […]

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war ain't cheap

Photo by SGT Buttler, cc-licensed 3 trillion dollar. That’s what the war on terror has cost the US of A until today. I can’t even imagine how much that is, but if nobel prize winner Joseph Sitglitz says so, I bet he ain’t bullshitting. Check the link and google news for the details but you […]

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life sucks and then you die

No this is not the typical teen angst negativist post you might be expecting, cause I’m way passed that teen stage and heading strong for that mid-life crisis we all love. This post is more of a counter reaction to those American dream-like, “be all you can be”, yoga-crap posts like this Be a dreamer […]

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nuclear bunker buster loophole

If there’s one thing thats a scary development in the evolution of the US army it’s the fact that certain nuclear weapons -the nuclear bunker busters- have now become so called conventional weapons. This means these bombs can be deployed by any 4 star general as he sees fit, without having to go through the […]

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bowling for columbine

I know it’s kinda late, but I saw Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine this weekend and even though a two hour documentary sounded like a boring idea to me at first it turned out to be quite excellent… which was sorta to what people had been telling me about it… The most interesting part of […]