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I’ve been watching the internet concerning the Iranian elections lately and I have to say that the information being delivered over the net is far more interesting than what traditional media has to offer, plus it’s a lot faster too. A few things are quite interesting about this whole thing from an geek point of […]

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how to twitter

Is actually quite a silly question. It’s like blogging, but on a micro level (that’s why it’s called micro-blogging I guess). You basically do what you think should be done. I did brush up on my twitter etiquette lately, as I started expanding my follower count a big, and I didn’t want to piss people […]

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all you can eat twitter stats

Pic by CatCubed, cc-licensed Twitter. It’s kinda fun. It’s also fun to see how much apps are popping up all over the place doing something with the public data from the twitter feeds. Stuff like Twitterholic for instance, which gives you an overview of which twits have the most followers. Barack Obama is clearly at […]

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twitter madness

Photo by Dr Gonzo Photography cc-licensed Twitter is one of those things you don’t really see the point of until you join is it. In fact I did join it a while ago, and I’m still not seeing the point really. I’ve thought about quitting, but then I went ahead and didn’t. It’s weird so […]