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tweet from the command line

It’s so simple it’s hardly worth a blog post, but since a simple tweet isn’t so easy to find using a search engine, I’ll just put it up here anyway. Let’s say you come up with this brilliant joke or insight and you want to tweet it instantly to the world. Now you have to […]

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watching #egypt

I don’t know if you are following this as much as I am, but I can’t keep from checking out the news rolling in on the #Egypt feed on twitter. It doesn’t get any more real than that with live pictures and video’s being blogged and tweeted first hand. on #Egypt proves great for […]

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interesting links floating on twitter

Twitter is pretty cool isn’t it? It has like people chatting and ranting on about all sorts of stuff. But if you’re dealing with real people (not those pesky bots) you’ll end up reading some interesting tweets now and then. This is certainly so when it comes to the links tweeps (as they are called […]

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the lazyweb is back

I always liked the idea of the Lazyweb. You could ask a question in a blog post starting with “Dear Lazyweb” and then some bot would pick it up and post in on the lazyweb aggregation site for other people to answer or help. The idea is to post not too easy to solve questions […]

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free music you could have spotted if you where on twitter

A breakcore release from CAPSLOCK on a new Dutch netlabel. A long time ago another free CAPSLOCK release got pimped here as well, and this one is equally filled with distorted fast beats and eerie industrial sounds. Sweetness. A set mixed by Drop The Lime distributed together with a magazine but DTL was so free […]