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tweet from the command line

I could've used a screenshot of a command line window but instead you get a nice humming bird. Because, you know, twitter.

It’s so simple it’s hardly worth a blog post, but since a simple tweet isn’t so easy to find using a search engine, I’ll just put it up here anyway.
Let’s say you come up with this brilliant joke or insight and you want to tweet it instantly to the world. Now you have to open up a browser, type in that dreadfully long URL, wait for the site to load, type in your tweet and hit send.
Man. That’s a lot of work.

But what if you could just enter this from the command line?

tweet OMG I love tweeting from the command line

Wow. That would be awesome. Because you always have a console window open anyway, being an edgy and trendy developer using all those nifty command line tools right?
You betcha.

So how about that awesome batch script? What does that look like? Well here you go:

@start "" "*"

That’s all it takes. Save that as tweet.cmd and put it somewhere that it’s in your PATH environment variable so Windows can find it and run it.
It’ll launch the twitter mobile site, and all you’ll have to do is hit “Send”.
So sweet.

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watching #egypt

I don’t know if you are following this as much as I am, but I can’t keep from checking out the news rolling in on the #Egypt feed on twitter.
It doesn’t get any more real than that with live pictures and video’s being blogged and tweeted first hand. on #Egypt proves great for high-speed streams of tweets and links like this to filter the most interesting bits. The English site of Al Jazeera also turn out to be a great resource for first hand info. This seems to do for them what the first Gulf War did for CNN. I’m seeing a lot of Al Jazeera links fly by everywhere and only little CNN, BBC or other major media channels.

I’m just hoping this’ll turn out alright in the end for the Egyptian people.

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interesting links floating on twitter

Twitter is pretty cool isn’t it? It has like people chatting and ranting on about all sorts of stuff. But if you’re dealing with real people (not those pesky bots) you’ll end up reading some interesting tweets now and then. This is certainly so when it comes to the links tweeps (as they are called on the twitterverse) are spamming in their streams. Like that you run into some awesome new music, like the latest album by Vex’d or some free downloads. Geek stuff like a developer test version of IE9,  a JavaScript adaptation of the .NET LINQ query language called JSINQ and a web-based version of a Processing parser which I talked about before. You can also track the sun through a pinhole camera and make your own or some plain funny stuff. Who needs websites and RSS readers these days if you have a bunch of followers tweeting or retweeting the interesting bits for you? Twitter is niiiiiiiiiice.

Photo by Dario Sanches, cc-licensed

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the lazyweb is back

I always liked the idea of the Lazyweb. You could ask a question in a blog post starting with “Dear Lazyweb” and then some bot would pick it up and post in on the lazyweb aggregation site for other people to answer or help. The idea is to post not too easy to solve questions of course (nothing you can just find with a single Google search) but you can try and tap into that vast network of organic grey cells out there and let that do the thinking for you.

The whole idea stranded due to spam at some point (bloody spammers, makes you hate them even more right?) but now it seems to have a revive on twitter. Using the hashtag #lazyweb (or simply mentioning the lazyweb keyword) might be all it takes to get that enlightening answer from someone watching the lazyweb feed. The amount of replies you get isn’t that great yet but I guess it still needs to pick up a bit, and it all depends on the questions of course.  There’s already a neato website called Lazytweet that picks up on it and joins the question and answer threads together and even gives you lazyweb points for participating. How cool is that? I have 16 points already I noticed. Sweet!

So, if you have one of those questions you just don’t know an answer too, but you have this distinct feeling someone out there probably knows exactly what you are looking for… try the lazyweb. It’s only a tweet away.

Photo by ~Jetta Girl~, cc-licensed.

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free music you could have spotted if you where on twitter

  1. A breakcore release from CAPSLOCK on a new Dutch netlabel. A long time ago another free CAPSLOCK release got pimped here as well, and this one is equally filled with distorted fast beats and eerie industrial sounds. Sweetness.
  2. A set mixed by Drop The Lime distributed together with a magazine but DTL was so free as to drop the secret code in a tweet so tweeps all over the place can download this banging techno-dubstep-garage-whatever-bass-heavy mix for free. It’s awesome. Go get it.
  3. Free Music Monday from Tara Bush which features all sorts of free stuff which I haven’t really checked out but it looks cool and the idea is sweet and I needed at least one more item to post in here right? Check it out if you like music… which is free!
  4. More free breakcore with the Ninja Columbo ZoMbFree releases with stuff from the Teknoist and Michael J Rocks. Well, I’m not sure who that Michael is either but I’ve heard of the Teknoist before, and hey, the releases don’t suck! Free breakcore people! What more do you want?
  5. And there’s still the hashtags of course if you really really want to get a quick fix of dubstep, breakcore, idm, drum’n’bass, or music in general to download… check it. It’s where all the cool folks are at these days. Fo shizzle!

Photo by monodot, cc-licensed.