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There are lots of video sites popping up all over the place recently, like YouTube, Google Video and All very nice of course, but you can waste a serious amount of time clicking through tons of crappy vids to find some decent stuff.

The site I came across through a dead tree blog (C’T magazine) has an interesting approach however. It uses videos from the above services, and gives you a TV-like interface using a nifty flash applet with a number of channels for your zapping pleasure. I like the feel of the app a lot. It’s slick, fast and when you zap you get this funky distorted image effects as if you’re actually changing channels on an oldskool analog television set. Yes. Eye candy pwnz.

The channels currently contain a limited number of topical videos, but all the videos are of good quality which is what matters innit. There’s the typical music channel of course, but to pick one I’d say the subversive channel is one of my personnal favorites, featuring some really cool videos.

It would be cool if the channels would get updated content in the future, and if more channels where available. This could really be a kickass thing if people would be able to create channels of their own, and simply fill those channels with the best videos available on the video hosting services all over the interweb.

Anyone could become his own channel VJ and with topics ranging from how to breed your very own bonzai kittens, the newest trends in tiny bikini fashion, or how to make breakcore by playing a drum computer with your bum.
I know, it would rock like so much and stuff.

One more cool thing about this one. For some reason it gets through the corporate firewall. Really. No other video flash players manage to get their bits through it, but this one does without a glitch. Awesome.

omfg they won

I laughed my ass off when I heard this.
Lordi actually won the Eurovision singing contest! Hilarious stuff, and it proves once more what kind of a weird farce the whole Eurovision thing really is.
Once again the televoting system is under attack, mostly by countries that lost, but hey, it does suck.

I say next year Belgium should send in a bunch of cross-dressing transexual midget clowns that do a farting-accapella act on an acid techno tune.
We’ll win for sure!

lets blame videogames once again

So this guy goes all psycho in Antwerp and starts shooting down innocent people (on Google news in English, of in’t Nederlands). A scapegoat has to be found of course, and first they start talking about how the political party called “Het Vlaams Belang” is guilty for feeding the racisme in Belgium, and in a way that’s true, but it’s bullshit to blame this kind of event solely on them. I’m definitely not pro-VB, never was and never will be, but blaming them now for this is just a trick to get more votes in the local elections later this year.
The shooter was being called everything from being a nazi to a Goth, and I was wondering how long it would take them to find his Marilyn Manson or Rammstein CD’s and blame it all on music or movies (Chucky anyone?) like in the good old days. But nowadays there’s a new kind of media to blame isn’t there. Yes indeed, its video games, and today it was suggested in print and on tv again.

The guy was known to be playing a first person shooter now and then… and he did shoot people right? That must be it!

Lawyers always grasp whatever they can get their hands on in defence of their clients, but I’m tired of hearing these lame ass excuses really. Violence is all around us these days, more in real life than in games, but we need to find real solutions for the social problems that are causing these outbursts of seemingly mindless violence instead of blaming music, movies or games.

Ah fuck it, I’m gonna rip some heads off in UT2004.