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the dark side at eurovision 2006

Lordi the metalband, shot by brinstarEurovision. A dubious song festival which gets people all hyped up every year in May is about to unleach it’s madness once again on our continent.

I’ve never been for it really, the whole thing is as fake as it gets. Musically it’s not my kind of thing… to say the least. The typical Eurosong-type song is a weird softass mellow kind of pop tune ussually blended with some local influences. This can lead to hilarious combinations though, like some sort of rapping baltic goat herder or Xena The Warrior Princess singing in a language that I later heard was supposed to be English. The voting system sucks though as it turns out to be a more or less political game, where people end up voting for their most favorite neighbouring countries.

Each year people get all excited about it, and afterwards it turns out to be a dissapointment. Every year I think they should just send a band or artist that make a big fuck you statement to the whole Eurovision merchandise, and this year the Fins have done just that. They sent in a metal shock-rock-eske kind of band called Lordi. Their music isn’t the hardcore type of metal, but it isn’t the half-assed kind you’d expect to see on Eurovision either. Things get even better though. These guys dress up for their gigs, and they look like they come straight out of a horror movie.

That’ll make a nice contrast with all the nice and short skirted girls hopping around on stage. Nice.

Go Lordi I’d say!! Boh!

Update: there’s a video of their song up at YouTube featuring some lovely zombie cheerleaders. Nice!

about 2 wool pullers

it's just reality distortedI wrote about how computers are used to manipulate what we see on television and in magazines daily to the extreme before, and today I ran into some more crazy evidence while on a clicking spree although the interweb.

I ended up on this french site called ipub which is all about wicked looking ads, and a post that linked to 2 graphic artists who did some totaly amasing retouching, or in some case, recreative sessions.
The first is Glen Honiball, which is mostly into retouching pictures. He gets crap base material to work with in a lot of cases, and turns them into a picture perfect scene to be used in ads. Foods looks better, girls look prettier and cars are shinier after he’s done with them. Nice!
The second artist is Taylor James which did that Coke Christmas ad you’ve probably all seen. The Coke snowy landscape Christmas scene is one of those works where he takes a bunch of unrelated pictures and turns them into a full blown landscape. Pretty bloody amasing how these guys master Photoshop if you ask me (but you didn’t).

It makes you think though, or at least it makes me think. Nothing we see on television or in magazines can be trusted for real. Every single picture has been altered and “perfected”. Nothing we didn’t know before, but it still managed to surprise me when I see these kind of images how far it’s extending.

You can’t even trust a picture of a spoon full of soup ffs.

funny subtitle mashup

Sometimes technology can fuck things up, and be funny at the same time. Most of the time it’s just plain irritating when it happens, but this series of pictures I stumbled upon on flickr is of the funny, first, and rarest kind.

Apparently the tv subtitles got all screwy, and combined those from a news broadcast, with.. well, something else, but quite obscure, judging from the text…
So check this out for some funny subtitle mashup bizzniz and have a laugh.

bowling for columbine

I know it’s kinda late, but I saw Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine this weekend and even though a two hour documentary sounded like a boring idea to me at first it turned out to be quite excellent… which was sorta to what people had been telling me about it…

The most interesting part of the whole documentary was the reason that Moore suggested as to why Americans have a tendency to shoot each others brains out, compared to other countries who do not seem to be having those rather violent tendencies.
My guess was that other countries simply don’t have that many guns lying around. Like in Belgium for instance, the government has made it hard to get a gun. Most people don’t bother because of this, even though some would like one anyway.

So logically, with less guns at arms reach we have to resort to fistfights or whatever comes in handy at the moment we get so angry our Neanderthal brain tells us to bash some skulls into a bloody pulp, so evidently less people get blown away by lead beans.

But according to Moore Canadian homes hold about as much weapons as their US counterparts, and mortality rate due to boom sticks is far, far less… which is quite interesting.
Moore blames the media, and the way it sustains fear in the hearts of white America. The “scared white man” southparkish cartoon in the movie is simply brilliant, I wish there was a copy online of that somewhere I could link to, but I can’t find it at the moment. The cartoon is hilariously funny, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as some apparently do, but it does hold a certain degree of truth I guess.

a bikini bandit