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getting good stats without google analytics

Google is huge and scary these days isn’t it? I mean they track our ass all over the place and I was actually helping them to do so. On my blog I was using Google’s free Analytics service to keep track of who, when, where and why people came to my blog. The stats are […]

geek internet mobile tools makes a darn good bookmarking service

Still looking for a good bookmarking service after the Delicious takeover by Avos with their fishy policy changes? And the Trunkly takeover by Avos? With equally fishy policy changes? Cause it’s the same company? So was I. I didn’t care for the social bit too much or whatever other fuss services throw in these days […]

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visual studio 2010 becomes slow after saving on Windows 7

Ran into this annoying bugger of a problem with Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7 where every time I saved a file (any file, no matter how large or small it was) the GUI started reacting extremely slow on me. Menu’s didn’t react, keystrokes didn’t appear, scrolling didn’t work. It acted like a whole bunch […]

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moving the windows documents and settings profile folder

If you’re running out of disk space on your C-drive on a Windows XP system (which other OS has a C-drive anyway?) you might be thinking of moving your C:\Documents and Settings\youruserprofile to another disk. In my case the profile folder was eating away a good 2.5 GB of space. Moving it saved my ass […]

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open any site in a popup window

Note: This post contains custom html and JavaScript code. So if the bottom part looks messed up in an RSS reader, that’s why. Would you like to open a website in a separate popup window when you click a bookmark from your browsers’ bookmark tab? I do! I have one of those for a direct […]