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tales from the crypt

Winter is closing in, and darkness is falling sooner each day, so perhaps it’s time to get in the mood with some dark sites. The site is creepy enough for instance to give you a chill on a dark winter night. Plenty of impressive collages and layers of ghouls and corpses in the gallery […]

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mozilla firefox v1.0PR released

Mozilla Firefox has released it’s milestone v1.0 browser. Sweetness! Some really nice features have been added to this version, such as live bookmarking of RSS feeds, the extended search options, and a slick upgrade procedure provided by the setup program, and that built in popup blocker I couldn’t live without anymore. If you haven’t switched […]

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This is a bad thing I happened to bump into today. The people at are apparently offering open sourced software with mal- or spyware included. The guys at developing PeerGuardian for one have come across tampered versions of their open source software. Even has fallen for this trap, and is distributing a […]

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a bit of privacy

Registering for forums and other sites is something that is required at most of em by now. It’s a pitty because sometimes you just want to check something, or download something from one of those sites without having to go through yet another registration form, because you simply don’t intend to spend a lot of […]

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great h4x0rz

Picked this great article by Paul Graham up on slasdot the other day about great hackers. It’s cool to read, and I recognise a lot of things in it. CEO’s should read this thing too, especially when it comes down to office space… Vacation just started btw, so w00t for that!!