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attack of the mashup monsters

It’s been a while, but it’s time for some more mashup-ragga-jungle maddness, wheeee!
A nice chap from the mailinglist has been so kind as to host a number of mp3 live sets from the Monsters of Mashup gig in Brighton.

Sweetness from the ones like Bong-Ra, Enduser, Shitmat and Fucknose can be freely downloaded for your favorite mp3 player thanks to DJ 7 below.

Bong-Ra mashes ragga-jungle with breakcore and hardcore in his ussual style, Enduser throws in a bunch of the darkest and hardest drum’n’bass and ragga-jungle tunes, Shitmat’s set has a bit too much happy hardcore for my taste, and Fucknose mixes too many genres to name and brings an alround fun combination with a really cool bit of Amen-break narrative in it.
Check them out to get the feel though, cause these mixes are do versatile you really shouldn’t just slap some labels on it… whooops!

Monsters of Mashup

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kraakpiep radio show

I came across this one a while ago, and I the thought of writing a post about it did cross my mind a few times before but I never really got around to it… until now that is.
De kraakpiepshow is a crazy Dutch radio show hosted by two hardcore headz Deester and =XTRECIST (yep, the caps seem to be there deliberately) who play everything in their sets as long as it’s hardcore and underground, meaning stuff ranging from breakz to breakcore, drum’n’bass to ambient and shitloads of hardcore techno.

Sounds dope doesn’t it?

It’s probably less interesting for non-dutch speaking folks though, as they do have a tendency to BS about random events in the mic, which is kinda funny really, as long as you understand what they are going on about… but check it out anyway and fast forward the spoken bits if you just want to hear some sweet, fresh, raw sounds.

Besides being aired live through Airpiece FM, you can download the sets in our beloved mp3 format (which is what I do). Be sure to get the extra noisy edition a.s.a.p. though, cause I think it’s going to drop off the downloadable sets list this week, and it’s really worth checking out IMO!

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complete your Warp collection

If you’re Belgian, and you’re into Warp (and Ninja Tune) get your ass down to the Music Mania in Ghent and complete your collections for only € 9.5 per CD, or € 16.5 for a double CD.
There are some gems there to pick for a really nice price. Older work you never ended up buying because you didn’t feel like paying the full price have become a lot more interesting now.
Bought some Aphex Twin & Squarepusher stuff, and the Amon Tobin collection is at the same price I’ve noticed…

I’m assuming the other shops in Brussels and Kortrijk run the same promotion, but I can’t tell, cause I haven’t seen been there to check.

Note: this plug is not endorsed by Music Mania in any way btw, it’s just that I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this myself, I decided to dump it here…

…but if Music Mania would like to endorse with free records oslt, I wouldn’t mind though :)

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pukkelpop 2004

The Pukkelpop festival is always a great way to end the summer holidays. Had a lot of fun there with friends, saw some good bands, and heard some great music. The boiler room was huge this year, and we spend quite some time there boogying down to the funky beats.

Besides obviously loving the drum’n’bass sets from DJs like Lady Vortex, Lady Lite ft. MC Mary Jane, Miss Elorak and Roni Size‘s live mix (really live, with live instruments’n’all, and lots and lots of Full Cycle peeps) Miss Kitten rocked it electro-style with a really good set, and Kid 606 blew my socks off in the Chateaux tent.
I’m getting more into the harder breakcore/hardcore style of electronic music lately, while at the same time digging slower electro and techno-stuff as well… broadening the horizons can’t be bad right.

One other thing I did learn though, it’s pretty damn hard to find a quite spot there to make a phone call… damn! :)