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001. the first day of my life

Time to share some links to awesome and free musical resources to charge those iPods and mp3 players with. Here’s what landed in my inbox recently or flew across my twitter stream.

  • Cogent is celebrating the first birthday of his Slugplates dubstep label with the release of a free EP. The release contains 2 free tracks of which Karki Kid is definitely my favourite. If you’re digging this, check out this earlier dubstep set as well.
  • Do you know Hexstatic? I saw this guy once at the Belgian Beach Rock festival on a Ninja Tune night and he blew my socks off. His tunes could be described as breakbeat electro with a good dose of humour mixed in. The live shows are very much about the combination of their beats and visual. Their latest Scan Me EP is freely downloadable so go and check them out to get a taste of those beats.
  • Enough of the slow stuff? Well The DJ Producer has some more speedy beats for you at Soundcloud. If you’re feeling like blasting some of those industrial hardcore techno kicks through your speakers or earplugs, I recommend his DJ set from the Glade Festival. If you still wan the slow stuff however, he also has a retro electro set up for download. Not something you’d expect from this lad I’d say.

Photo by suizilla, cc-licensed.

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mix link broken? request it!

Recently I got a request in one of the older posts containing a broken link to an awesome dubstep mix, asking if I could re-upload the mp3 somewhere. I checked some other older posts and noticed some of them are still getting frequent hits, but the links stopped working a long time ago. So I decided to put that gig of Google Docs space to some good use and re-upload some of those popular mixes which I still have around on my hard drive.

So far, the following posts have had their links replenished:

So if you’re hitting a post here containing some breakcore, dubstep, jungle, drum’n’bass, IDM or whatever with a link that appears to be broken, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

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must see vid: prodigy – smack my bitch up

Time for another one of these. A wicked song with an even more wicked video. You’ve probably seen the original on TV after the kinds have gone to bed, since it features some behavior that they’ll have to find out about for themselves when they start going out. You don’t want to ruin all the fun in advance, right? This video especially owns because of the twisted ending. Had to look for the uncensored version for a bit though.

The second video is also interesting to watch if you want to find out what Liam sampled to make this awesome tune. There’s a few of those going around as well, but the one I picked is the most original and creative of them all, without someone trying to show off their Ableton skills.

So here’s that “making of” video, sort of.

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free music from the internetz

The internet, it’s awesome. One reason is the constant free flow of music that comes off it and my main pipe for this musical sweetness has become twitter lately. Since not all of my dedicated readers (that’s you right?) are following me on twitter (yet) I’m going to post a little recap of stuff I found out about in tweetspace recently for all of you to enjoy. If you want the total freshness however, feel free to get on the train and follow my ass. Say hi if you do. It’s always nice to know you’re dropping in from the blog.
So here it is, the list of stuff I thought I’d share again here:

  • United Elements of Hatred’s release number 3. Don’t let that name scare you, they’re swell lads. It’s breakcore and it has to sound tough and hardcore remember? This is not the first release on the new netlabel but just like the previous releases this one is also free free free and of high quality. Horsehead’s tracks are heavy on breaks, jungle influences and hardcore breaks, just how we like it. Also check out the previous releases if you haven’t already.
  • Then there’s Paniq’s free album titled from Zero to Hero. Paniq makes his tunes in Jeskola Buzz and he does it well. The album contains tracks made of the last two years but fit together quite well as an album. It’s hard to describe the album because anything I come up with doesn’t really seem to fit. If you like the lighter side of techno or electronic music but still like a good groove and a kicking beat this could be something for you.  Expect some melodies, some 8-bit tweaking, some non 4/4 beats, pirates, a good dose of humour, some acid and much more. I told you it was varied. Definitely worth checkout out IMO. Some of my favourite tracks from this album are “Nuts and Bolts”, “Commercial Invasion”, “Cease and Desist” and “The Future of the Internet”.
  • Ninja Columbo Zombfree live sets. The latest of this free download contains 4 live DJ sets filled with the hard drum’n’bass, breakcore, IDM and banging, dark techno.  The Teknoist brings a set with the hardest of drum’n’bass tracks and hard industrial techno. Scheme Boy mixes some IDM, techno, drum’n’bass and dubstep in his set performed at the Bang Face Weekender. More hard drum’n’bass, hardcore techno and industrial sounds come from the sets by Tugie and Infrared. Nothing to pass by if you like a free jolt of adrenaline delivered in mp3 format.

Once again the mighty internetz provide us with alternative sounding awesomeness that would be hard or even impossible to find in the record stores of the old age. Long live the internet and it’s preaching bloggers and tweeters I’d say.

Photo by Peter Fuchs, cc-licensed.

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the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, now for free!

3 blue humanoid aliens are staring at you

It’s turning out to be quite the musical week in posts here, but I just had to post about this one as well. Do you remember that 60×60 Buzz compilation I started last year? Well, since the Buzzchurch forum turned out to be a live bunch of music producers supplying the main source of tunes coming in for that entry, Owen Gilbride aka Cryptowen thought it would be cool to start up a new compilation. This time the theme was to write a soundtrack to the End of The World. How about that?

Right now the results are in, and are being hosted online for you to download. It consists out of 3 disks, where disk 1 represents the gathering storm before doomsday, disk 2 the chaos of doomsday itself and disk 3 the unnatural calm after the storm. All together good for over 2 hours of music, all composed in Jeskola Buzz.

You can guess where the chaotic vs calmer tracks will be at right? Anyway, this collection is another one containing a wide variety of tracks in genre and style, which makes this one great to listen to and explore some new sounds. No matter what style you are in to, you’re bound to find some gems in here that you’ll like. It’s free anyway, so nothing is wasted if this turns out to be not your thing at all, but I doubt it.

Feel free to leave some comments here, or at if you like this release. I’m sure the folks who participated in it (like me) will love it (like me).

Update: there seems to be  a problem with the VBR versions of some disks, which results in the VBR zip-file not being complete. Every file seems to be available in OGG format however.