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bandcamp friday, if you like it a little slower

The more chill, slow-beats edition of the “last Bandcamp Friday stuff-your-wishlist” posts. I ran into Saturate Records by following a Bandcamp suggestion. This German label hosts a number of artists making mostly instrumental electronic inspired beats, influences by hip-hop, trap, glitch, grime and dubstep. Yes. That should pique your interest. You can even get most […]

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bandcamp friday, if you like it fast and hard

It’s almost the last Bandcamp Friday of 2020, and maybe it’s the last Bandcamp Friday ever, so I decided to make a list of great music I got in 2020 and list it here. The post turned out to be rather big, so I split it up into several posts by genre (sort of) because […]

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dj hidden enclosed sessions #1 & #2

2 sets from DJ Hidden filled with his trademark drum’n’bass and hardcore crossover tunes. Set #1 tends to the drum’n’bass side of things, while set #2 is for the gabba-loving-hardcore-shizzle. Happy NY and enjoy the tunes!

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tear it up with the outside agency

Those Dutch gabberlads from The Outside Agency (aka DJ Hidden and Eye-D) are definitely one of the most interesting and innovative hardcore/industrial techno and drum’n’bass producers out there at the moment. Since I’m not alone in this view, the Danish DJ Wavolizer has mixed together a 4 hour long mix containing only TOA tracks. 99 […]

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awesome free electro music

I usually listen to the harder type of electronic music but a good 808 drum and some squealing synth (if done right) can soothe me greatly. A good electro or acid techno track seems simple when you listen to it, but if done right, they just work and sounds awesome. Thanks to some twitter retweets […]