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fun with boring spam

SPAMIt’s interesting to see how spammers keep finding ways to circumvent the latest in spam detection technology.

A new tactic seems to be that in order to have their emails passed the spam detection filters, they start writing pretty damn normal emails. I mean like, seriously, who would have thought. It’s back to square one I guess, and with emails like this, it’s even becoming harder to detect the rotten apples in your own inbox on sight.


You might even start replying to the spammer in question, because you think he somehow send you a message that wasn’t intended for you?

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Greg []
> Sent: maandag 15 mei 2006 10:02
> Subject: Erections are still possible Garry
> There are 100’s of websites to buy medication for Erectile
> Difficulties, but not for 1.56 cents a pill. We have some of
> the lowest pricing on the internet.
> If you are already paying hundreds of dollars, then you should visit:
> Sincerely,
> Greg
> Customer Service Team
> cloudburst you bellicose me, bask coed abe . adhere you
> irrespective me, cyprus . zombie you berg me, iconoclast
> vagary divert cupid .
> baylor you bart me, merrill . deposition you manor me, aware
> . noaa you ouch me, devise .

Dear Greg,

I think you have to wrong guy here.

First of all, my name isn’t Garry. I don’t know the poor sod, but judging from your email he definitely needs some help. Second I don’t have erectile difficulties, thank God (and I’m not even religious). Where did you pick up the word “erectile” btw, it’s kinda funny.

Anyway, I don’t have those kind of issues. Oh and by the way, I don’t want my “hotrod” to be larger than it is either, in case you have pills to fix that as well. I got a bunch of emails about that too, but I can’t remember who those where from. Oh, and don’t get me started on the increase your jizz kinda pill. What the hell is up with that? Which girl is going to be pleased with that I wonder? You’ve been watching too much porn if you think every girl wants a double pearl necklace my friend. Too much porn can give you funny ideas like that. Like thinking that a girl hasn’t had a good day until she has some tripple penetration and her fair share of ooh yeah babies or oh my Gods (yep, on the religious tip again). So turn off that BitTorrent client of yours and stop wasting so much damn bandwith on smut!

But I degress.

I do have one more tip for you however Greg. You should really try and get a more intuitive domain name for your website. There’s no way I’ll ever remember going to if I would end up having those manly problems at some point. Can you even remember that name? I think not!

An URL like that will not turn up in any Google searches relevant to you business either, which isn’t good for your return on investment.

Kind regards,

ps: I think there’s something wrong with your email software as well. There’s some weird jibberish in your email footer. Maybe check out Thunderbird oslt, cause it rawks.

blog popularity

SPAM picture by stgermhWell, my blog seems to be picking up on popularity… with spam bots.
Today I got hit a number of times with comment spam for drug prescriptions dammit, and due to invalid email addresses I got accidental warnings in my email, so I noticed them right away.

Time to check in on the spam protection of WordPress I guess. I remember my Blogger account used a CAPTCHA form to make sure humans are entering the actual data and I never did get any spam there, so that might be a good option here as well.

For now I’ve added that specific URL I keep getting spammed with today to the spam word list in the options et voila! Since then all comments of that evil spambot is marked for moderation and doesn’t appear anymore.

It feels good to hit the delete button on those mofo’s really, whoehahaha!


My blog has been running for over a year now (whoohooo) and that means it’s time to look at some stats.
I notice my hits have been going up considerably since I’ve started using the technorati tags in my posts, generating lots of traffic, especially on the Yahoo! 360° post.

Search engine traffic is not bad either, with people finding my blog on various subjects from nerdy processor cooling issues to breakcore mp3 mixes.
One thing that’s rather funny is that a post containing a comment about a bikini bandit video is generating traffic from people looking for, well…, babes in bikini’s I guess, as those keywords rank in the top 10 of all keywords used to find this blog.

This post might generate some more of that kind of traffic, so I might as well throw some of that in anyway, being a crowd-pleaser and all…

beaty in pool by zuan
Anyway, still not bored with it and all, so I’ll just keep posting bits and pieces now and then of whatever I find interesting or cool enough to put up here.

spam haiku

One spam message caught my attention for some reason yesterday at work, and made me open it. Instead of an embedded image promoting some new way of enhancing my male reproductive organs, I found some weird, I assume automatically generated, haiku-esque message.

—–Original Message—–
From: Filomena Yolande []
Sent: vrijdag 27 mei 2005 13:01
Subject: hi

goes corner yours very different human
least anything slow edge letters very
window fly black next


chinese characters

funny spam

Spam, you have to hate it by now.
But occasionally you get this message in your inbox that is so (I guess unwillingly) funny that you just have to share it with other people. One I got forwarded by a colleague is this one, and damn, who doesn’t want a bigger load right?

Hey, it might actually be a good idea for spam marketeers. Make your spam mails funny dammit, it might actually make me open and read them for a change!