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your website sucks in so many ways

Well, maybe not yours, but if it qualifies for the following rules, it does. So check em out. You can’t store my name. My name contains something called an umlaut which is used in Germanic languages like German (duh) and Dutch for instance. My name either turns up with a missing letter, or I get […]

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why catchall isn't such a good idea after all

I wrote before on how I used the so-called catch-all feature of the mail server to be able to use instant email addresses when subscribing to all kinds of stuff on the interweb right? Well it turns out that this is a sweet idea as long as some lame-ass piece of spamming cunt doesn’t start […]

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more spam

Funny, but the weekend seems to be the ideal time for spam bombardments. I’m getting hit by a ton of bounce emails from fake spam mails sent using my domain. This is a smart trick from the spammers of course, since they don’t give a toss about any possible replies, and even less about any […]

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spam bam thank you mam

Apparently I’m caught in what seems to be the receiving end of a spammers attempt to use my domain name as the vessel for creating random email addresses for his bulk of the day. I keep getting replies from mail servers all over the interwebs telling me emails either got refused or that the recipient […]

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how i almost fell for domain admin spam bait

Spammers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves lately, and I almost fell for one of them a few weeks ago. I got this German email that looked like I was being sued for something. Now I don’t master the German language, but it’s close enough to Dutch to get the general idea that […]