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get clean, free windows software right here has set it it’s goal to offer a list of free software for daily-use, which contains no spyware, adware or other nasties. The list if growing steadily, and it’s looking pretty good at the moment. Lot’s of good Open Source Software is already listed in there, together with other great free software like the […]

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trillian 3.0

Wheeeee, Trillian got a major update this week, and that’s pretty damn sweet. I’ve been using Trillian (Basic version) since I switched from ICQ and didn’t feel like installing 3 different IM clients on one machine, as I didn’t want to waste my precious computer resources. Currently I’m on ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and IRC daily […]

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filesharing in 15 lines

Just read this on slashdot today… TinyP2P is a functional peer-to-peer file sharing application, written in fifteen lines of code, in the Python programming language. I wrote TinyP2P to illustrate the difficulty of regulating peer-to-peer applications. Peer-to-peer apps can be very simple, and any moderately skilled programmer can write one, so attempts to ban their […]

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lets have some acid

I decided to give Acid Xpress a go the other day, to see if that would be a nifty tool in my arsenal of noise generation equipment, and it turns out you can use this piece of software for free, on the condition that you go through a registration process during installation which requires you […]

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best software essays of 2004

Lets talk shop. Yeah, computers’n’shit, programming, coding, web design, geeky stuff. In fact, I won’t do much of the talking, I’ll leave that to some guys that have written some great articles on software development, which I’ve been reading just a few of which arose my interest right away, and I’ll be getting back to […]