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wired creative commons cd

I wanted to mention this because I think the idea rocks. Wired Magazine published a CD with tracks from big time artists licensed under Creative Commons licenses. Even though though the tracks themselves hardly interest me it’s cool to see a good idea like CC is getting some good mainstream media coverage this way. By […]

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This post was going to be completely different a few hours ago. I came across this so called email written by George Carlin on a forum I frequent, called The Paradox of Our Time. Although this kind of emails hits my inbox now and then, usually pored into a cheesy powerpoint presentation with pictures of […]

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great h4x0rz

Picked this great article by Paul Graham up on slasdot the other day about great hackers. It’s cool to read, and I recognise a lot of things in it. CEO’s should read this thing too, especially when it comes down to office space… Vacation just started btw, so w00t for that!!