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disabling Dell software without uninstalling

You know how it goes. You get this new and shiny computer from big computer company X and with it you don’t only get your OEM licensed Windows OS but also some “super handy” tools X happened to install just for you. Dell is no different so mine come with Dell Data Vault, Dell SupportAssist […]

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reset the net

It’s on! If you want to kick some NSA buttocks and claim your privacy then get yourself this reset the net pack and install some super-duper encryption for your PC, Mac and phone(s). There ain’t that much on there really, but if you scroll down to the Other Resources section there’s links there like the […]

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time to change some passwords

So you’ve probably heard of that nasty heartbleed bug this week. If you’re still using the same password all over the place you can now see why that’s a bad idea. If you don’t want to get your accounts hacked, now is a good time to start using KeePass and have random hard to hack […]

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how to secure your wordpress blog

WordPress is popular and as it goes with all kinds of popular software, it becomes a target for hackers trying to take over and use your site to send spam into the world, or just cause some other kind of mayhem. To protect yourself from this kind of trouble, there are a few things you […]

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guess who got hacked

Let me tell you about that time my site got hacked. Once upon a time I received this email from Google. Now when Google emails you, you usually pay attention, even it it’s a bot. Those guys know their stuff. The email told me that my site was possibly hacked because it was suddenly feeding […]