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filesharing in 15 lines

Just read this on slashdot today… TinyP2P is a functional peer-to-peer file sharing application, written in fifteen lines of code, in the Python programming language. I wrote TinyP2P to illustrate the difficulty of regulating peer-to-peer applications. Peer-to-peer apps can be very simple, and any moderately skilled programmer can write one, so attempts to ban their […]

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cookie monster

Recently I was testing a web application and needed to manually delete some cookies it had been setting. It occurred to me how many cookies my browser was actually keeping track of, and how few of those where actually related to sites I frequently visit. For a lot of those cookies I could guess their […]

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DRM systems are bad for business

So the Beastie Boys have a new album out, which I was looking into getting myself a copy, since I already have most of their other albums, and I’ve always liked their fun approach to hip-hop. It turns out that their latest CD however contains MacroVisions CDS-200 DRM technology which has “features” that stop me […]