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cure cancer with leftover azure credits

Maybe you have some Azure credits lying from a Visual Studio subscription you have from work, waiting to be spent on cool and nifty experiments, but don’t end up actually using them. How about spending some of those dollars on cancer research? Or help find a cure against Zika? Fighting AIDS maybe? Enter the World […]

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what drains your battery faster? 3G or WIFI?

So what drains your smartphone’s battery more you think? Using a local WIFI network or the 3G cell network to download stuff from the internet? I Googled it but I didn’t find any solid hardcore scientifically based evidence. Time for a small home-grown scientific experiment then! So here it is *drumroll*, the WIFI vs 3G […]

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feed your brain with some interesting podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time while doing semi-automated and/or boring tasks like gardening, driving your car to work and back, or chores related to keeping your house nice and tidy. As long as the tasks don’t take up too much of your active grey-cell CPU you can devote those free cycles […]

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about lemmings, drugs, portraits and stuff

Stuff we came across recently, not worthy of a full post but fun, interesting or sweet enough to get stuffed together in an orgy of hyperlink goodness. Lemmings the oldskool computer game rewritten for the web. If this gets you excited you are probably old. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s probably something you […]

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pictures on how we think

Besides being an interesting article on how the human brain works, the following section really got to me. Greene believes that although cultural influences on morals are strong, an important genetic element is also present. “Much of what we think of as culturally learned or individually reasoned in moral judgment,” he said, “may turn out […]