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google feed reader update

Google Reader (the Google online RSS reader) got a bigass update last week, and although I’m practically using it daily I didn’t really look into any of the new features it has until now. Once again they improved on an already good concept, so Bigup the Google kru! Boh! Keeping up with a ton of […]

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google reader tryout

After reading this lifehacker article about using reBlog as a newsreader I got less satisfied with using my Bloglines account for reading and aggregating my RSS feeds. The idea of skimming through new posts from all different feeds quickly and only marking those of interest that you feel like reading later seemed like a good […]

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feed bloglines emails

Just found out about this neat feature in Bloglines which allows you to integrate those typical announcement-only mailing lists as an RSS feed. Every time you create one of those Bloglines email feeds, a unique email address is created, which you use to subscribe to that particular mailing list. Every mail sent to that address […]

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feed me blogs

RSS and Atom are here to stay. That’s for sure as more and more sites are putting up feeds, and it’s a great way of checking updates fast and ruthlessly efficient just like the Spanish Inquisition. Keeping up with a number of news sites and fora (yep, all those php boards should have RSS feeds […]