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aaron spectre massive boh!

Music related mailing lists are great to get names of artists that could be potentially interesting for your own personal taste in noise dropped into your mailbox without having to do a lot more effort than keeping up with the emails.

Actually, keeping up with the emails can be a bitch, but one of those names I came across a little while ago is Aaron Spectre which turns out to be into IDM-breakcore-hardcore-ragga-jungle kinda stuff, and there’s free mp3 tracks, live sets and mixes up on his website for sweet downloading and burning to your CD-R and stick some wacky looking color printed cd-label on it that you’ve spend way too much time on “designing”, but hey it’s ok, cause there wasn’t a damn thing on TV anyway with those bloody Champions League games on anyway.

Oh, I don’t like footbal.. does it show?

But hey, I have some fresh amen cuts to blast through my carspeakers tomorrow on my way to work, so not all is wasted.

kid 606 in the mix

While surfing some blogs I came across this one with a Kid 606 mix in it (linking to tigerbeat6), so I spend some bandwidth on it, and you know what? It rocks.

It’s a ragga-jungle/dancehall thing this time, wicked, so if you’re into that, rip it, and if not, you can get to know it, or simply leave it… whatever, but here it is, with these tunes skillfully mixed into it :

massaccesi-we’re too intense to die
the bug vs. rootsman ft. He-Man-killer
t raumschmiere-ravemusick
the bug/daddy freddy-run the place red (raw meat mix)
ward 21-famine riddim
ark-e cone
bling dawg-we dat
knifehandchop-tizzy tixbown
the bug/daddy freddy-imitator
bounty killer-no tomorrow
drop the lime-face them
ward 21-petrol
althea and donna-uptown top ranking
cutty ranks-gun man lyrics
noam chomsky-crime and punishment
noam chomsky-chain gangs
shiyani ngcobo-yekanini
sunroof!-ornamental lake of death