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themeless free breakcore album from

I’ve seen the compilations before but never got around to checking them out. You know how that goes, life, pr0n and twitter just keep you away from what really matters sometimes. But this time I could really do with some new and fresh tunes, so I downloaded their forth compilation already and gave it […]

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drum'n'bass that doesn't suck

cc-licensed photo by monodot The Panacea doesn’t really play weak sets now does he. Weak is simply not in his dictionary. So you can expect a lot of hardcore, neuro-, darkstepping, agressive drum’n’bass on this one. Kick ass! Psychofreud is a viking who I ran into on a drum’n’bass mailinglist long, long ago. He was […]

breakcore dnb gabber hardcore jungle mp3 music ragga

mp3 set filled of hardcore goodness

It’s been a while, but it’s that time again. Yep, it’s time for some hardcore breaks and beats in mp3 format. First off we have a breakcore-gabber-hardcore-techno live set from Capslock vs Sleepbug in Amsterdam. Check out the hosts website Anti Narcose Records as well for more downloads in the mp3 section from Sleepbug. Second […]

breakcore dnb jungle mp3 music ragga

wreckinball mp3 sets

Time for some fresh noise, beats and cuts I’d say. If you’re into some phat breakcore drum’n’bass action, check out these DJ new sets from Edgey and Enduser at Wreckinball online at the reduced phat website. Kick ass shit!! And if you feel like getting a bite of some crazy gabber mixing stylee, check out […]

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attack of the mashup monsters

It’s been a while, but it’s time for some more mashup-ragga-jungle maddness, wheeee! A nice chap from the mailinglist has been so kind as to host a number of mp3 live sets from the Monsters of Mashup gig in Brighton. Sweetness from the ones like Bong-Ra, Enduser, Shitmat and Fucknose can be freely downloaded […]