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themeless free breakcore album from

Themeless v2 album cover

I’ve seen the compilations before but never got around to checking them out. You know how that goes, life, pr0n and twitter just keep you away from what really matters sometimes. But this time I could really do with some new and fresh tunes, so I downloaded their forth compilation already and gave it a spin. Guess what? It fucking rocks! Yeah, that’s right. I’m not saying all the tunes are awesome, but they are pretty damn good at least. Production quality is great and at 320kbps everything sounds as it should. I just love free releases that offer full quality.

Now if the term breakcore scares you off  a bit because you expect it to be stuffed with only the harshest of noise and gabber kicks you shouldn’t be afraid. Those kind of tracks are on their as well of course, but there’s plenty of other sweetness there too. If you like the harder types of jungle and raggacore you’re going to find a few gems on this free album. Think ragga vocals and heavy cut-up amen bizznizz (Check MDH). Not into that? You want serious and cool sounding drum’n’bass to pump your street cred a bit? Well there’s some of that too. With a tune like “Putting Back the Cock in Drum’n’Bass” you can’t go wrong now, can you? In fact the first 3 tracks are pretty much straight up drums ‘n fucking bass. Wicked. How about some glitchy Intelligent Dance Music because you want your brain to dance? No problem. There’s also some tunes that contain some internet memes, marijuana references, samples that come with your Microsoft Windows installation, funny samples, illegal samples and funny illegal samples. Oh, and harsh noise and gabber kicks of course. It’s breakcore after all. Ha!
You can get the whole thing for free at

dnb hardcore jungle mp3 music ragga

drum'n'bass that doesn't suck

the photo that broke a camera
cc-licensed photo by monodot

The Panacea doesn’t really play weak sets now does he. Weak is simply not in his dictionary. So you can expect a lot of hardcore, neuro-, darkstepping, agressive drum’n’bass on this one. Kick ass!

Psychofreud is a viking who I ran into on a drum’n’bass mailinglist long, long ago. He was into producing and playing ragga-style jungle/drum’n’bass back then, and it turns out he’s still doing that. In fact, he did this 10 year anniversary mix to celebrate, and you can fetch it for free off the internet.
Feel like getting a good dose of ragga vocalists spiced with beats around 180 BPM and lots of heavy basslines? Awesome! Then this is right up your alley.

So that’s it for now. Stay tunes for more free, and tasty beats.

breakcore dnb gabber hardcore jungle mp3 music ragga

mp3 set filled of hardcore goodness

It’s been a while, but it’s that time again. Yep, it’s time for some hardcore breaks and beats in mp3 format.

First off we have a breakcore-gabber-hardcore-techno live set from Capslock vs Sleepbug in Amsterdam. Check out the hosts website Anti Narcose Records as well for more downloads in the mp3 section from Sleepbug.

Second we can’t go without a regular dose of ragge-jungle now can we. So we turn to one of our favorite brockout DJ’s at the moment, General Malice, who has two nice sits online once again.

good looking decks

General Malice, October 4 2005

Paul Wall-Got the Internet Goin Nuts (Intro)
General Malice-Mad Skillz [N2O]
General Malice-General Ah Speak [Big Cat]
General Malice & N8LOC feat. Mega Banton-Ganja 4 Burn [N2O]
General Malice feat. Ambussh-Rip It Up [N2O]
Eazy-E & The Game-Still Cruizin’
SPL-Death [Dubplate]
Arsenic-Hollowpoint [Dubplate]
Su3-ject & Bad Matter-The Dreamer [Dubplate]
Equilibrium-Cold Blooded [OG]
Numonics-Rude Bwoy (Tek Infektion Remix) [Dubplate]
Silent Killer-Chernobyl [Dubplate]
Desecration-Beast [Dubplate]
Dave Akuma-Dehuimanized [Dubplate]
RAW-Afrika [Dubplate]
Artbreaker-Gated Soulz [Dubplate]
General Malice-Stress (Remix) [Dubplate]
General Malice-We Are The Ruffest Riddim [Big Cat]
Mark Nasenbluten-Dont Fuck Around [Bloody Fist]

General Malice, September 13th 2005

Mumblz and Fixation-Hatred Among Us [Dubplate]
Unknown [Dubplate]
JFX-Sith Warrior [Dubplate]
The Upbeats feat. Megan-Seduction [Dubplate]
Arsenic-Hollowpoint [Dubplate]
SPL-It Wont Stop [Dubplate]
Equilibrium-Cold Blooded [Dubplate]
Basis & Mumblz-Homicide [Outbreak]
Basis-Dark Inside Me (Remix) [Dubplate]
Tek Infektion-Terrorform (Equilibrium Remix) [Dubplate]
General Malice feat. MC Ambussh-Rip It Up [N2O]
General Malice-Zion (Physe Remix) [Dubplate]
Slipknot-Pulse Of The Maggots Brutal [N2O]
General Malice feat. KRS-One-Mad Skills [N2O]
SPL-Death [Dubplate]
General Malice-Bad Man Ah Bad Man [Dubplate]
Arsenic-Decapitator [Dubplate]
Chaos In Motion-King Of The Dancehall [Dubplate]
Trust-Big Trouble In Little China [OG Records]
DJ Hidden-Inside Us [Dubplate]
Livewire-The Zone [Dubplate]
Dave Akuma-Enishi [Dubplate]
Su3ject & Bad Matter-The Dreamer [Dubplate]
General Malice-Wishing On A Nasty Way (VIP Mix) [Dubplate]

breakcore dnb jungle mp3 music ragga

wreckinball mp3 sets

Time for some fresh noise, beats and cuts I’d say.
If you’re into some phat breakcore drum’n’bass action, check out these DJ new sets from Edgey and Enduser at Wreckinball online at the reduced phat website.

Kick ass shit!!

And if you feel like getting a bite of some crazy gabber mixing stylee, check out this other Wrecking ball set by Shitmat.

closup of a black speakerbox

breakcore dnb gabber jungle mp3 ragga techno

attack of the mashup monsters

It’s been a while, but it’s time for some more mashup-ragga-jungle maddness, wheeee!
A nice chap from the mailinglist has been so kind as to host a number of mp3 live sets from the Monsters of Mashup gig in Brighton.

Sweetness from the ones like Bong-Ra, Enduser, Shitmat and Fucknose can be freely downloaded for your favorite mp3 player thanks to DJ 7 below.

Bong-Ra mashes ragga-jungle with breakcore and hardcore in his ussual style, Enduser throws in a bunch of the darkest and hardest drum’n’bass and ragga-jungle tunes, Shitmat’s set has a bit too much happy hardcore for my taste, and Fucknose mixes too many genres to name and brings an alround fun combination with a really cool bit of Amen-break narrative in it.
Check them out to get the feel though, cause these mixes are do versatile you really shouldn’t just slap some labels on it… whooops!

Monsters of Mashup