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soundcloud is where the cool cats are at

Since some of you seem to be digging the free samples posts I’ve been putting up maybe this one will be right up your alley as well. There’s a bunch of music-sharing websites out there by now, or simply sites that allow in one way or the other to put your music up there in […]

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more free music samples

So the free vocal samples for your tunes post turns out to be quite popular. It just happens that in the meantime I ran across some more of these nice free sample resources and so I thought that it would be neat to share them here online with you again. This time it’s not about […]

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free vocal samples for your tunes

Photo by altemark, CC licensed Wicked cool vocal samples. If you’re into producing electronic music you’ve probably been scavenging the net for some of these before. Movie samples are excellent for this. Not only because the big producers are doing it all the time, but heck, it sounds so much cooler when Samuel L. Jackson […]