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fastest way to copy photos from a Sony A5100 camera

I love it when you can hook up peripherals, and they expose their files like a simple external USB drive. You already know how to copy files from a USB drive, so no need to install a new piece of software, and learn how to use it. Unfortunately, a lot of peripherals do want you […]

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after the storm

Nature can be awesome. Last year in November a hail storm passed by on a Sunday leaving the cloudy and stormy looking sky filled with orange colors so bright and alive I just had to go out in the cold and shoot some of that beauty. Click for the big version.

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access the worlds public photo collection

Over at the excellent Flickr photo sharing service they now have a new category of pictures called The Commons. It’s not the Creative Commons searchable pictures database I talked about before. This is a collection of copyright free images which are also publicly available from libraries or other archiving organisations around the globe. It makes […]

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changing your photo’s exif data

If you have one of those digital cameras that forgets what day it is after you’ve replaced the AA batteries you might end up with a lot of pictures with bad EXIF data tags. As a geek and nitpicker I sort of dislike that. In fact, in Picasa all of those pictures ended up being […]

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digital photography tips

If you have a digital camera, and you’ve been browsing to the stunning photo’s you can find on Flickr you probably realise that you can do a lot more with that little piece of electronic light capturing device than shooting a few typical birthday party pictures by now. Of course, it’s always handy to get […]