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not that secure after all

It’s been an interesting week for IT security. Next to the, almost usual, patches Microsoft advises it’s users to install asap, a nasty domain name spoofing problem emerged in the open source browser Firefox. Even software like F-Secure that should be protecting your systemsfrom getting infected has been proven to have some serious issues of […]

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firefox 1.0

Wheeeee, Firefox 1.0 has been released! Get it if you’re not using it already. Get it even if you’re using the PR release, because the nice Mozilla folks have implemented a number of bugfixes and security issues, together with some enhancements to make it worth the two minutes it takes to run the installation. Hey, […]

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This is a bad thing I happened to bump into today. The people at are apparently offering open sourced software with mal- or spyware included. The guys at developing PeerGuardian for one have come across tampered versions of their open source software. Even has fallen for this trap, and is distributing a […]

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Interesting read on how Microsoft’s FUD campaign against Open Source Software is failing, and this is what I would like to see more with software used by governments.