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automatically delete emails with IMAP Cleanup

Let’s say you have this IOT device like a motion detection camera. Which sends you emails. Emails you keep in a separate IMAP mailbox. Lots of emails. So you want to delete those emails in some automated fashion, because doing that daily is oh so boring (remember, lots of emails). Wouldn’t it be great if […]

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cure cancer with leftover azure credits

Maybe you have some Azure credits lying from a Visual Studio subscription you have from work, waiting to be spent on cool and nifty experiments, but don’t end up actually using them. How about spending some of those dollars on cancer research? Or help find a cure against Zika? Fighting AIDS maybe? Enter the World […]

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make vim awesome with plugins

Vim is a great lightweight editor as it is. But after setting it all up on your windows box and tweaking your _vimrc it still might lack that bit of awesome you’re looking for in a modern text editor. Time to spice things up with plugins! Vim plugins are written in viml or vimscript, an […]

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warmup your site or wordpress blog with a single command line statement

GNU Wget is a powerful tool when it comes to downloading files from the web or mirroring sites. It’s command line features can be daunting and not very obvious. With some experimentation, reading the (f..) manual and some Googling you can get it to do some pretty neat tricks for you. All of that is […]

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a vim http log file syntax plugin

Log files are dull to look at. Lines and lines of text and no pretty colors to make it nicer to look at and easier to spot those weird errors you can’t simulate on your machine. Vim rocks and writing a syntax file is supposed to be a breeze judging from the vast amount of […]