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the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, now for free!

soundtrack to the end of the world

It’s turning out to be quite the musical week in posts here, but I just had to post about this one as well. Do you remember that 60×60 Buzz compilation I started last year? Well, since the Buzzchurch forum turned out to be a live bunch of music producers supplying the main source of tunes coming in for that entry, Owen Gilbride aka Cryptowen thought it would be cool to start up a new compilation. This time the theme was to write a soundtrack to the End of The World. How about that?

Right now the results are in, and are being hosted online for you to download. It consists out of 3 disks, where disk 1 represents the gathering storm before doomsday, disk 2 the chaos of doomsday itself and disk 3 the unnatural calm after the storm. All together good for over 2 hours of music, all composed in Jeskola Buzz.

You can guess where the chaotic vs calmer tracks will be at right? Anyway, this collection is another one containing a wide variety of tracks in genre and style, which makes this one great to listen to and explore some new sounds. No matter what style you are in to, you’re bound to find some gems in here that you’ll like. It’s free anyway, so nothing is wasted if this turns out to be not your thing at all, but I doubt it.

Feel free to leave some comments here, or at if you like this release. I’m sure the folks who participated in it (like me) will love it (like me).

Update: there seems to be  a problem with the VBR versions of some disks, which results in the VBR zip-file not being complete. Every file seems to be available in OGG format however.

wheeee, it's up

Physical View of the Network by KryptykThe name servers are pointing to the new Linux machine from now on, and things are running smooth (so far).

The WordPress database issue was solved by upgrading to the latest 2.3.1 version, which required a DB upgrade anyway, and fixed the tables that where incorrect. I had manually fix the md5 hash codes for the passwords, but since only a few users have accounts here, that wasn’t a problem.

I have nice permalinks up again now, without that index.php thing in them even, so that’s even better than before. I’m using Dean’s Permalink Migration plugin to make sure old links from all over are still working, and not loose too much Google rank etc, though I doubt that all those http errors from the Windows machine did a lot of good for that.

While I’m at it, here’s a tip if you plan to migrate a WordPress installation any time soon. Then you’ve restored a database backup on a new system, the first thing to do is adjust the blog and site URL to the new location. While you’re at it, change the blog title as well.

WordPress has a habit of using those URLs a lot in redirects, and if you forgot to change those, you’ll end up being swung over to the site your backup is from. If you didn’t change your blog title there’s a big chance you won’t notice you’re now working on the live site, and might end up screwing things up.
Which ain’t fun.

You can find and change these parameters in your mySQL database in the wp_options table with the values (option_value) “home“, “siteurl” and “blogname“.

moving servers

Yup. After the latest hickups and glitches and the fact that hosting on a Linux machine is considerably cheaper at my hosting co than doing the same thing on Windows I’m moving this blog over to a brand new spanking Linux machine in the following days.

I’m hoping I’ll manage to set up things smoothly, but working in the IT biz makes me expect a few bumps here and there anyway. I think I’ve ran into the first today, as I noticed my WP database doesn’t seem to be up to date for some odd reason, causing issues with the new setup as I couldn’t login any more with my admin account.

I’ll post again here after the move, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that post pop up automatically in your rss readers. If it takes too long, maybe check back here the oldskool way, by pointing your web browser to this very address.

See you soon, same place, same URL.