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moving servers

Yup. After the latest hickups and glitches and the fact that hosting on a Linux machine is considerably cheaper at my hosting co than doing the same thing on Windows I’m moving this blog over to a brand new spanking Linux machine in the following days.

I’m hoping I’ll manage to set up things smoothly, but working in the IT biz makes me expect a few bumps here and there anyway. I think I’ve ran into the first today, as I noticed my WP database doesn’t seem to be up to date for some odd reason, causing issues with the new setup as I couldn’t login any more with my admin account.

I’ll post again here after the move, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that post pop up automatically in your rss readers. If it takes too long, maybe check back here the oldskool way, by pointing your web browser to this very address.

See you soon, same place, same URL.

slightly fixed

One Less TV by Kevin SteeleThings that suck: having to change your permalinks.

They’re called permalinks for a reason, but if for some unknown reason you keep getting CGI errors on the old links you can’t just keep that setting can you? So now I’m using the old and ugly WP default permalink structure again, linking to a post using it’s ID. Blegh.

I hate it, but I nothing else seemed to do the trick. Looking up the error, it turns up a lot all over the internet, but nowhere there’s a solution to be found. So if you see this:

The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

You’re in trouble.

It has something to do with the combination of IIS and PHP, and maybe something with timing issues on faster, multiprocessor computers, but there’s no fix around for that.

So I guess I’m stuck with it for now. I’m thinking of switching to a Linux hosting soon, since those are not only cheaper, but I guess more stable when it comes down to PHP support. You also get PHP 5 there, so that’s neat as well.

it's broken

On the Air by Antonio MartinezThis site moved to a new virtual location this week, and although everything seemed to be working fine right out of the box, it turns out that a few details have been forgotten or installed different than before, and are causing some serious issues with my WordPress blog.

None of the permalinks seem to be working right now for instance, and that really sucks donkey balls. So if you came here from the RSS feed and got a lousy CGI error instead, I’m sorry for that.

This should be fixed in a few days once the ISP folks get on it after the weekend, hopefully without having to screw with my permalinks setup which would render all my Google hits invalid. The horror!

/me sobs

guess who's back

Not a picture of me, I swear.Work has been pretty hectic lately, and after spending 8+ hours behind the comp working to stay ahead of the deadline, I didn’t feel like spending some more hours behind it once I got home.

The result? A shitload of rss feeds I need to catch up to, and no blogposts for over a week. “Mark all as read” is something that takes care of that rss problem (for some feeds I’m certainly going to be using that) and when it comes down to blogposts… I’ll start again with this one. Yay!

I checked my stats just now to see if this lack of posting would have any effect on the number of hits a day I get, and heck, it really does. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable, but since my posting rate has been down in the last month or so, with at least a week inbetween posts, stats have really dropped.

Anyway, time to gear up again and posts some (hopefully) interesting stuff for the lot of you to enjoy.
I’m thinking about doing a restyling of the site as well btw, but that might take a while until it’s finally done, since I haven’t made up my mind yet on how I want it to look exactly (I’m not really a graphics artists either) and what I want to show.

I’m thinking about cutting back the number of posts on the front page, and ditching any gimmicks or excess link sections. I doubt anyone reads these anyway. Doesn’t everyone just track feeds nowadays, or use the search bar?
I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, it’ll be interesting to hear how other people use this blog, or any blog for that matter.

For now there are two blogs, both by guys named Matt, that have layouts I’d like to euhm.. borrow some ideas from.
Those sites are from webdesigner Matt Brett, and WordPress developer (bigup!) Matthew Mullenweg.

Check em for some sweet designs.

python http log downloader

Digitouch by rent-a-mooseIf you happen to host your own blog on a domain of your own with a hosting company, you might have access to your raw HTTP log files just like me.
Since those raw logs are first of all quite interesting to have some statistics tool run on, and secondly are taking up precious disc space on your webserver, you might want to download those now and then to make sure you don’t run out of space and into trouble.

Since I’m that kind of guy that rather have his computer perform tedious tasks for him instead of having to do them himself, I wrote a little Python script to get the latest logfiles for me, and store them somewhere on my local machine for later processing. It leaves the logfile for the current day untouched, and downloads any other logfile (provided the logfiles have the date in their filename). So if the script didn’t run for a few days, it’s picking up those old logs as well the next time it is ran. Kinda sweet isn’t it?

The script is written in the mighty Python language, and licensed under the GNU GPL, and comes without any guarantees, wheee! You can get it right here as a zip archive. To make things work, you just need to fill out your domain and ftp account data in the downloadlogs() function call at the bottom of the script.

The trick is it gets the list of logfiles on the server, sorts them alfabetically and downloads all but the last, which if your files are named like exYYMMDD.log is the file for the current day. If this is not the case, you might not wanna use this script and avoid having your files deleted. Of course the script already downloaded the files before deleting them, so you should be find in case this would happen anyway.

I hope this is useful for some folks out there, so enjoy.

my beats in the isolation tank

So a while back a remix competition was announced for Nekura*s track “Killing Time”, to be released on his Intent to Harm label.
A number of samples where released from the tune, and since I always like these kind of remix deals, and the stimulating deadline that goes with them (I seem to need a deadline to be able to finish anything…), I gave the remix a shot.

Nekura*s tracks are ussually heavy on the breaks, turning out to be those darkstyle hardcore drum’n’bass rollers filled with cut up breaks and heavy bass we love hearing from labels like Renegade Hardware, just to name one.
As I expected the remixes to be following the break-heavy style, I tried to give my remix an approach from the other side of the dark drum’n’bass spectrum, the techstep side.

So I went for a typical 2-step beat, fucked up the bassline and used that excellent vocal sample so peeps would at least recognize something from the original track. My approach was basically the sample-pack compo approach. I took the given samples and made a track with it, without really trying to recreate the original.

I didn’t expect my track to finish first, and turn up as the B-side of the original on the vinyl release, but that didn’t matter. I thought my track was pretty good, and I was quite pleased with the final result, and some people seemed to dig it.
It bothered me that this track would possibly never see the light of day however, but fortunatly that didn’t happen.

The ITH sister netlabel iso:lation tank decided to snatch the best of the remixes, and put them up on their label as a release. Joy!!
So right now you can get mine, and 3 other great remixes by Kyosha, Beatoko and Throttler combined in the Grand Theft Audio Intent To Harm EP, and that teh shizzle?
I thought so!

Grand Theft Audio EP cover image