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geek space invader wallpaper

Space invaders. Probably one of the first computer games I ever played on a console. The blocky invaders have turned into pieces of geek culture all by themselves showing up all over the place from graffiti to tattoos and post-it art. So at one point I ran into this image on Flickr with yet another space invader on it and thought it would be great to use that as a desktop wallpaper somehow. I tried it out but didn’t like the result enough so I decided to make my own. From there I had a template to create some more and now I’m putting them up here for you to download. Yay!

All images are Creative Commons licensed so you can use them quite freely and share them with anyone you like. To maintain the crispness of the awesome gradient backgrounds (yeah, that’s about how far my Gimping skills go) all images are saved in PNG format for maximum quality. I’m also sharing the original GIMP XCF project files with these so that you can go ahead and create your own smashing mash-up of the space invader wallpaper suited to your own personal taste. There’s a template in there with the space invader ranging from very small to rather large. New backgrounds, new resolutions, new compositions, it’s all within your grasp if you get yourself a free copy of GIMP. Don’t forget to link back here if you create something truly awesome btw. I don’t mind some kick-ass wallpapers myself.

All files are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license just to keep things a tad fair and make sure that everyone finds it way to the source files and gets the same chances of being creative with them. It’s all about the sharing baby!

Images are available in a blue, gold and green background and in 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1440×900 and 1680×1050 screen sizes.

Click the images to get a larger preview. Right-click the image popup and choose “Save as” to save the background.

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open any site in a popup window

Note: This post contains custom html and JavaScript code. So if the bottom part looks messed up in an RSS reader, that’s why.

Would you like to open a website in a separate popup window when you click a bookmark from your browsers’ bookmark tab? I do!

I have one of those for a direct link to a Google Docs document which has all kinds of quick notes and stuff I want to scribble down fast before I forget them. I used to use a short-cut to a text file on my PC somewhere but that didn’t cut it when I wanted to access notes I made at work at home and visa versa. A Google document was the solution, but I wanted a clean window instead of it just opening another tab in Firefox…

To get there I wrote a bit of JavaScript code that generates a bookmarklet that does just that. You could use it for any site really, so here’s a form to make your own auto-popup bookmarklets!

How it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the URL of the web site to open and  the bookmarklet’s description you want. Optionally you can change the size of the window if the defaults don’t suit you. The popup window can still be resized but it’s always nice if it opens exactly as big as you want it to.
  2. Hit the button to generate the bookmarklet code.
  3. Now drag that freshly generated bookmarklet to your Firefox or Chrome toolbar and you’re done.
    Your very own custom popup web-app. Awesome!
    For Internet Explorer users (I’ve been told they are still out there) you need to right-click the link and choose “Add to favourites”. Then choose the links toolbar. The link should appear on your toolbar shortly after getting a security warning due to the JavaScript in the link.


Document URL
Bookmarklet description
Window width
Window height
Window left position
Window top position
Your bookmarklet will appear right here after you click the button.

Likes, dislikes, problems? That’s what the comments are for!

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the soundtrack for the Apocalypse, now for free!

3 blue humanoid aliens are staring at you

It’s turning out to be quite the musical week in posts here, but I just had to post about this one as well. Do you remember that 60×60 Buzz compilation I started last year? Well, since the Buzzchurch forum turned out to be a live bunch of music producers supplying the main source of tunes coming in for that entry, Owen Gilbride aka Cryptowen thought it would be cool to start up a new compilation. This time the theme was to write a soundtrack to the End of The World. How about that?

Right now the results are in, and are being hosted online for you to download. It consists out of 3 disks, where disk 1 represents the gathering storm before doomsday, disk 2 the chaos of doomsday itself and disk 3 the unnatural calm after the storm. All together good for over 2 hours of music, all composed in Jeskola Buzz.

You can guess where the chaotic vs calmer tracks will be at right? Anyway, this collection is another one containing a wide variety of tracks in genre and style, which makes this one great to listen to and explore some new sounds. No matter what style you are in to, you’re bound to find some gems in here that you’ll like. It’s free anyway, so nothing is wasted if this turns out to be not your thing at all, but I doubt it.

Feel free to leave some comments here, or at if you like this release. I’m sure the folks who participated in it (like me) will love it (like me).

Update: there seems to beĀ  a problem with the VBR versions of some disks, which results in the VBR zip-file not being complete. Every file seems to be available in OGG format however.