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more myspace woes

I ranted about myspace before, and frankly, my experience with it hasn’t really changed my opinion about the social networking site just yet. Au contraire, my French southern neighbours would say, as I discovered recently that it is quite impossible to publish your own music on myspace if you have by mistake created a plain […]

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myspace insecurity

This recent myspace security leak doesn’t come as a surprise to me I have to say. The whole site feels like a hack when you’re using it. Like it’s just a bunch of stuff slapped together into a single app. It makes me think of one of those dreaded pieces of software that was slapped […]

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where it's at

I just noticed that Yahoo! 360° had an update lately. They added a bunch of good features from the look of it, although nothing really that shocking or ground breaking. Now you have custom themes, embedded video and you’re able to add music to your blast message, which is kinda neat. Basically all stuff that […]