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must see vid: prodigy – smack my bitch up

Time for another one of these. A wicked song with an even more wicked video. You’ve probably seen the original on TV after the kinds have gone to bed, since it features some behaviour that they’ll have to find out about for themselves when they start going out. You don’t want to ruin all the fun in advance right? This video especially owns because of the twisted ending. Had to look for the uncensored version for a bit though.

The second video is also interesting to watch if you want to find out what Liam sampled to make this awesome tune. There’s a few of those going around as well, but the one I picked is the most original and creative of them all without someone trying to show off their Ableton skills.

So here’s that “making of” video, sort off.

must see vid: come on my selector

Squarepusher has to be one of my favourite IDM producers around. So I was glad to find out there are actually some video’s to his tracks as well. This one is by no-one less than the visionary Chris Cunningham, who also directed a lot of great clips to Aphex Twin‘s tunes. I never even saw any of Squarepusher’s vids on television, which is a damn shame. Luckily for us however, we have YouTube now hosting this piece of awesomeness:

must see vid: windowlicker

There’s some great video’s out there today and if they come with even better music it just puts the cherry on the cake. Personally I like my video’s like I like my music. A bit off and edgy. So the first video in this “must see vid” series will be one of my favs by nobody less than Aphex Twin himself with a video that probably has the longest intro ever. Except maybe Thriller. That one was pretty long as well.