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french taunts in high definition

Since we can now post videos, I shall do it a second time! But I’m not doing it just because I can (even though it would be a valid excuse) but because the awesomely funny lads from Monty Python have decided to put their own clips up over at YouTube in their very own Monty […]

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drum'n'bass religious video meme

I don’t ussually jump on internet memes, and post about them in my blog. There’s plenty of other blogs for that, and some are dedicated purely to pictures of cats with funny taglines, so why would I reproduce just that? Well, when it’s fringe enough like something related to drum’n’bass mixed with religion, then it’s […]

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why youtube rocks… well, sort of

Have you noticed that every music video seems to be on Youtube these days? Now Youtube isn’t the most kick ass, neat looking and coolest video service out there, (that’s Vimeo)  but when it comes down to content, they seem to have it all No matter what video clip you’re looking for, it’s probably there. […]

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why can’t all tech movies be like “into the blue”

Think about it. Jessica Alba showing of those perfect curves while typing away on her laptop. It would probably be an iBook, or a Sony Vaio, the only laptops that have a design sweet enough to be seen around a gal like Jessica. But that’s not really what I want in a tech movie no, […]

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BAF is getting it or what?

I just read this dutch news article on how the Belgian movie industry is loosing about 30 million a year due to piracy, which is about 7 percent of the total income. Arrrrrr. Not a real surprise of course, since this is pretty much a global phenomenon, but the thing that did knock me off […]