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twitter madness

Photo by Dr Gonzo Photography cc-licensed Twitter is one of those things you don’t really see the point of until you join is it. In fact I did join it a while ago, and I’m still not seeing the point really. I’ve thought about quitting, but then I went ahead and didn’t. It’s weird so […]

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why can’t all tech movies be like “into the blue”

Think about it. Jessica Alba showing of those perfect curves while typing away on her laptop. It would probably be an iBook, or a Sony Vaio, the only laptops that have a design sweet enough to be seen around a gal like Jessica. But that’s not really what I want in a tech movie no, […]

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60×60 subvert central compilation

How about some music to start the weekend? Sounds nice doesn’t it, and it does, trust me. The guys up at the left field jungle/drum’n’bass forum Subvert Central started a so-called 60×60 music compilation amongst the forum members and have now come up with the final result. 60×60 stands for 60 second tracks from 60 […]

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why vinyl sucks compared to mp3s

Let’s make a bit of a bold stand here, and crack down on the old black crack called vinyl which still seems to be appreciated so much by the so-called music connaisseur. Wired posted this article about why vinyl may be the final nail in the CD’s coffin which is so full of crap I […]

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all you can eat 128kbps live drum'n'bass weekend

You like drum’n’bass? Yeah? Cool. How about some live DJ sets? Even better? Well, how about a 65 hour marathon of live sets mixed by over 50 DJs from all over the bloody globe hitting you in brand spanking new 128kbps quality? If this sounds like your cup of Java, well then head over the […]