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why windows will be free in a few years

Recently I read an article in one of those oldskool dead-tree blogs (you know, newspapers or something they call them) on how Microsoft was not going to pursue illegal copies of Windows in Eastern countries like China and India. You see, the Redmond folks are more interested in getting a good piece of market share […]

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charmed by Debian Etch

I’m charmed by the latest Debian release because I was looking for a lightweight Linux distro that would install on this old laptop I got from work. I remembered tested Debian a while ago as a virtual machine, and I just liked the feel it gave. It seems to me that it’s a very robust […]

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making the ati radeon work on ubuntu (sort of)

Last week I was trying out the latest Ubuntu release and noticed it didn’t handle my ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card as it should. The latest hardware can always be a problem on any *nix distro, but it sort of sucks when the GUI gives you the feeling you’re running a Pentium I machine. After […]