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getting a wordpress linux box up in 5 minutes (*)

If you’ve ever went to the trouble of setting up WordPress on a Windows machine yourself, going through a PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin installation, then sort through all the IIS crap you run into you’ll love TurnKey Linux virtual appliances (aka pre-installed virtual machine boxes). You can for example download a WordPress appliance which has […]

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finding out where software is installed on ubuntu

Pic by Felipe Morin, cc-licensed For someone not accustomed to the Unix file system hierarchy you might have a hard time figuring out where the heck that package manager installed software you just selected. That is when it doesn’t occur automatically in your Ubuntu Application menu in the first place. Well there is a simply […]

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mapping online storage as a local drive

Online file storage systems usually have the drawback that you have to install a proprietary piece of software on your PC before you can start uploading and downloading files easily. Recently however I came across and it turned out to be ass-kicking. The reason why I tried it in the first place, even though […]

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wheeee, it's up

The name servers are pointing to the new Linux machine from now on, and things are running smooth (so far). The WordPress database issue was solved by upgrading to the latest 2.3.1 version, which required a DB upgrade anyway, and fixed the tables that where incorrect. I had manually fix the md5 hash codes for […]

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free software linkage smorgasbord

Finding freeware, or even better, open source applications can involve some serious Googling sometimes before you wade through the trial-ware programs listed as free in the search results. Luckily there are a number of websites that have nicely categorised free software so it becomes a piece of cake to find and download exactly what you […]