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amen brother

Remember that cool amen narrative sample in that Fucknose set I talked about here? Of course you don’t, but that doesn’t matter, I just came across the whole thing, a history of the Winstons “Amen Brother” break. Can I Get An Amen? is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most […]

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sampling is bad mkay

Something scary I read on Wired today : A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that rap artists should pay for every musical sample included in their work � even minor, unrecognisable snippets of music. Though the article focuses mainly on rap artists, who are making big bucks using unknown samples from older funk (or whatever) […]

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land of the free, home of the…

This is amazing, picked it up from slashdot The Senate Judiciary Committee, led by everybody’s favorite senator, Orrin Hatch, is moving to outlaw P2P entirely by making it illegal to produce such applications. The plan is to make p2p apps illegal in The States because they “indice” copyright violation. It’s like WTF!? What kind of […]

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DRM systems are bad for business

So the Beastie Boys have a new album out, which I was looking into getting myself a copy, since I already have most of their other albums, and I’ve always liked their fun approach to hip-hop. It turns out that their latest CD however contains MacroVisions CDS-200 DRM technology which has “features” that stop me […]