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p2p traffic filtered in belgium soon?

It’s not just the Germans that don’t get how the internet works. The Belgian copyright organisation Sabam won a case in the Brussels court against Scarlet, one of the Belgian internet providers, to stop illegal p2p music downloads. The idea is to use filters on all p2p traffic and block illegal downloads. That might work […]

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german gov going crazy?

The German government is making some odd waves lately. I posted about their odd internet censorship policy before affecting Flickr users in Germany, but there’s two posts on Hadez’ blog that really made me raise an eyebrow to who’s in charge of one of the most powerful countries in the European Union. First there was […]

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flickr censorship?

Flickr is dealing with a lot of censorship fuzz lately, some legit and some not imo. For instance in this case where the sex blogger Violet Blue got her pictures censored because her account didn’t make it through the adult filter is kinda shitty. Her account wasn’t packed with porn or anything, but as someone […]

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"De Morgen" ripping pics off Flickr

This is sad isn’t it. Turns out a major Belgian newspaper called De Morgen ripped some guys pictures about the Burning Man festival off his Flickr foto gallery without paying, or even contacting him. This kind of stuff is extra sad because a newspaper should damn well be aware of things like copyright violations and […]

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googling for porn

You probably heard about this by now but the Google subpoena is a real bitch. So the government wants to invade the privacy of every American, and I’m pretty sure non-Americans such as myself as well by getting search query information concerning kiddy porn. I can’t say I don’t like them fighting that smut though, […]