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hardcore and jungle bbq mixes

Tonight's Dinner: Pork Chops

Just going to drop these two mixes for your summer BBQ parties. Depending on the people you have over to enjoy some grilled meat and alcohol with, I’m presenting you some different flavours (BBQ-style) so you can select the right one for your particular grill-fest.

For the more sturdy kind of BBQ, I recommend this mix from a lad called DJ Producer. He’s known for the rougher kind of techno known as hardcore techno. This particular set is one he dropped at the Bangface festival in Glastonbury in 2010. It goes well with lots of red meat and plenty of BBQ spicy sauce.

For the lighter kind of BBQ where a more soothing type of music is required for your meat-digestion needs, perhaps a mix by the gentle chap called The Teknoist is just what you need. Inspired by the legendary John Peel he mixed a rather excellent selection of Jungle tracks into one piece of continuous music. Goes down well with some fish and chicken sprinkled with plenty of BBQ herbs for that sweet neighbourhood smell.


Picture by Christopher Aloi, cc-licensed.

bandcamp is full of awesome

You are not seeing the double rainbows. How sad.

Bandcamp is great. Not only because it allows artists from all over the earth to share their tunes and albums with the inhabitants of that same earth. No. There’s plenty of other ways to do that. Bandcamp is great because if you pay for the music, the artist gets most of the money directly. Not a record shop, their label or big-ass distribution companies. The artists get your money. Those guys that make the tunes. Sweet.

It’s like walking up to their door, ringing their doorbell, getting their latest record out of their hand and giving a crumpled-up banknote from your side pocket in exchange. It’s exactly like that! Except the walking up to their door, ringing their doorbell and getting a physical record part. But you are giving them your cash. In lots of cases you can even decide how much exactly. So that’s nice innit?

Here’s some cool stuff I noticed is up there. Even if you’re not willing to shell out one of those crumpled banknotes, there’s plenty of free stuff up for grabs too.

Older stuff from End-user for example. Expect some breakcore/drum’n’bass there. If you want more of that you can check out the Adnoiseam label who have most of their releases up there as well. More breakcore? Check out the mighty Venetian Snares, Ruby My Dear, or Gross Prophet. For the darker and broken beats check out Somatic Responses and CAPSLOCK. If you prefer it more jungle and ragga-core style then there’s always Peace-Off Records, or perhaps a bit of Bong-Ra if you can dig it. Harder style drum’n’bass is waiting at DJ Hidden‘s camp or at PRSPCT Recordings and of course the good old Tech Itch. Even if it was just for nostalgic reasons.

If you feel like spending more cash, you can always find a few gems by exploring some random tags.
You get the idea.

Photo by jermudgeon, cc-licensed.

massive breakcore mix archive


It’s been a while since I posted a breakcore mix or live set here, but this post will certainly make up for that. After the jump you’ll find a huge list of breakcore/raggacore/jungle/dnb mixes and live sets from lots of well-known and some lesser known names in the scene.
The sets aren’t the most recent, but hey, who cares if you can get hours and hours of free breakcore mp3’s to stuff your pods and players with. On the list you’ll find sets from Aaron Spectre, Abelcain, Baseck, Bong-Ra, C64, Cutups, Diskore, Donna Summer, Doormouse, Dustrickx, Droon, FFF, Hecate, Larvae, Mark N, Parasite, Paul Blackout, Producer Snafu, Rotator, Sickboy, Xanopticon and many many more.
Yes. That name dropping is mainly to pull in some Google hits on the topic. Cause I just want to share this with all you breakcore lovers out there. I’m that nice indeed.

You can start your downloading frenzy right here.

Photo by craigCloutier, cc-licensed.

the other side radio, it's goooooood


More music! That’s right! And it’s the kind that most of you seem to like. Well maybe. I’m talking about The Otherside Radio, an actual radio show broadcasted over a good old F and M frequency in the United Kingdom.

“Hey, but you’re not from the UK” I hear you ponder. Well that’s right again! In fact, thanks to the wonders of technology known as The Internet and Twitter and HTML and stuff, everyone else in the world that can’t tune in to 106.6 FM can download the mp3’s of the broadcast instead. How sweet is that? Very, I know.

The show is hosted by the lovely Lisa Righteye (I’m making assumptions here, but she appears lovely anyway) with an excellent taste in music. She thus spends large portions of her wage buying the latest, freshest and most excellent tunes to play on her show for our enjoyment (I told you she was lovely). Her selections range from ever so hip dubstep over to other great electronic music genres like IDM, drum’n’bass, jungle or whatever she ends up finding awesome. If you like a tad of variation in your mixes, you’ve come to the right place.

So if you feel like discovering some great new tunes and artists, check out the online archives for a few hours of great music pressed into mp3’s.

Photo by Nite_Owl, cc-licensed.

to protect and swerve – free evol intent mix tape

Evol Intent has a free new mix tape up at Soundcloud. Since Soundcloud only allows a limited number of downloads for a single file, you better be quick if you want this one.
If you like the harder and darker drum’n’bass tracks mixed up with some filthy dubstep influences, this is one you shouldn’t miss.

Track listing:

01. Document One – Forgive Me (Heist Remix)
02. Heavy Hittahz – You Want Style
03. Pendulum – Witchcraft (Drumstep Edit)
04. Terravita – Up In The Club
05. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Vigilante
06. Harvest – Spies
07. Heist – Medieval
08. Mindscape – Bounce
09. Mind Vortex – Onslaught
10. Zardonic & Davip – Biohazard
11. Davip & Encode – Vamanos
12. Pendulum – Ransom
13. Evol Intent & Ewun vs Tech Itch vs Kemal vs Binary Finary – Binary Calling
14. Davip – UFA
15. Spirit – Siren (Hive Remix)
16. Heist – Nightshift
17. Buscemi – Seaside (KG Remix)
18. Eddie K & Minus – Serial Killa (D Minds Remix)
19. DisasZt & kos – Move
20. Camo & Krooked – Cliffhanger
21. Evol Intent feat. Ewun – 8 Bit Bitch (Spor Remix)
22. The Unik – Power
23. Youngman – Give You The World
24. Gangsta Fun – U Aint Shit
25. Total Science – Squash (S.P.Y. Remix)
26. Ram Trilogy – Gridlock (Break Remix)
27. S.P.Y. – Slum Dub
28. Gridlok & The Upbeats – The Jitters
29. Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
30. John B – Up All Night
31. The Prototypes – Outcast
32. Evol Intent feat. Ewun & Vicious Circle – Odd Number
33. Dan Le Sac. vs Scoobius Pip – Sick Tonight (Doctor P Remix)
34. Cypher Linguistics – Death, Lies & Videotape
35. Doctor P – Sweetshop (Camo & Krooked Remix)
36. Heist – I Need Killers
37. Ewun – Screw Up (The Upbeats Remix)
38. The Upbeats – Unearthly
39. Masai – One
40. Pendulum – Vault
41. Treo & Semantics – Cash Money
42. Evol Intent – Cruise Control
43. Basher feat. Xtrah – Xerox
44. Evol Intent – Scavenger
45. Commix – Double Double
46. Evol Intent – Panic
47. Lost Sequence – Codeshaper – Spice Market (Nymfo Remix)
48. Basher – Transmission
49. Noisia & Hybris – Crystalline
50. Basher – Androids
51. Noisia – Displaced
52. California Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Terravita Remix)
53. Bill Posters – Hold On (Crissy Criss Remix)
54. Kill The Noise – Talk To Me
55. Ajapai – Get Down
56. Evol Intent – Paradize City (Vocal Mix)
57. 16 Bit – Skullcrack