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nian dub, dark and dubby dnb

UK-based collective Nian Dub is making some really cool dark and dubby drum’n’bass on EXE project. I ran into them on Soundcloud and I recommend checkout out the EXE podcast Transmission 002 with Nian Dub and Semiotix linked below. There’s a bit of banter and chatting in there, but the tunes in between are awesome […]

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new droon album, because fuck it

The press release is hilarious so I’ll just copy this here. Droon stands for Belgian breakcore (think Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties baby) and he just releases 27 of his best tracks in one big album. Check it out and certainly the Cripplefight tune cause it’s fucking awesome. Droon! Your favourite Belgian B-list Breakcore Live […]

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The Teknoist PRSPCT XL 19 mix

Get it at Soundcloud. It’s The Teknoist! You know what that stands for. It’s full of hardcore beats and chops like these: THE TEKNOIST & SMYLA – BEASTAGE DOLPHIN – AWAKENING VIP ALGORITHMIC – NOOSE NECKED ROYALTY DOLPHIN – BLACK GOLD THE DJ PRODUCER – HISTORY LESSON (1997 DNB REMIX) DR BASTARDO – CRIMSON MASK […]

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evol intent is giving away free tunes

Free tunes, what’s not to like. Free tunes from Evol Intent, that’s even better. How about 35 free tracks and remasters of classic tunes like “8-Bit Bitch”, “Where’s The Score”, “Corrupt Cops” and many more? Awesome indeed. You get all of this goodness straight from their Soundcloud Throwback Tunes playlist. Be sure to fav it […]

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hardcore and jungle bbq mixes

Just going to drop these two mixes for your summer BBQ parties. Depending on the people you have over to enjoy some grilled meat and alcohol with, I’m presenting you some different flavours (BBQ-style) so you can select the right one for your particular grill-fest. For the more sturdy kind of BBQ, I recommend this […]