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kid 606 in the mix

While surfing some blogs I came across this one with a Kid 606 mix in it (linking to tigerbeat6), so I spend some bandwidth on it, and you know what? It rocks. It’s a ragga-jungle/dancehall thing this time, wicked, so if you’re into that, rip it, and if not, you can get to know it, […]

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monday night breakcore mix

How about some more mixes? From lurking around the mailinglist I came across a fellow calling himself cutup, and he put some sweetass mixes online for all breakcore/gabber/drum’n’bass/ragga/idm headz to enjoy. I haven’t checked em all just yet, but the Five Million mix is just finger licking good if you ask me! Watch your […]

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free musick

In the digital age where RIAA is trying to sue every file-sharing ass it’s refreshing to see there are artists out there that put full size, high quality mp3 tracks online for download from their own websites. Guys like Eye-D and DJ Hidden for instance, Dutch drum’n’bass/hardcore producer/DJs, sharing their tracks and mixes to the […]