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mix link broken? request it!

Recently I got a request in one of the older posts containing a broken link to an awesome dubstep mix, asking if I could re-upload the mp3 somewhere. I checked some other older posts and noticed some of them are still getting frequent hits, but the links stopped working a long time ago. So I decided to put that gig of Google Docs space to some good use and re-upload some of those popular mixes which I still have around on my hard drive.

So far, the following posts have had their links replenished:

So if you’re hitting a post here containing some breakcore, dubstep, jungle, drum’n’bass, IDM or whatever with a link that appears to be broken, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

long time no beats

Pixel Lines

Well it’s still January, so officially it’s still OK to say: Happy New Year!! It’s been really quiet over here lately since non-internet things like moving to a new place and putting things in and out of boxes have eaten a lot of my spare time.

But now that things are starting to slow down a bit to their original pace again, it’s time to feed you guys some more breakcore bits I listened to over the last weeks and months.

I hope you like em.

  • At various artists have contributed fresh breakcore tunes for the new and freely downloadable Themeless 3 release. As usual it’s an eclectic mix painting all kinds of breakcore landscapes. This compilation also has a tune by CAPSLOCK, but more about him later.
  • If you would like a little less Amens and more noisy and distorted sounds to feast your ears on, this live mix from Minions and Resurrector at Darkmatter might be just what you are looking for. Get ready for 51 minutes of varied distorted breaks and beats filled with atmospheric background sounds.
  • Craving some more of those distorted beats? Well you’re in luck. This time, it isn’t for free but you can get it for as little as a single Euro so that’s OK too isn’t it? I’m talking about the latest album Combustion released by CAPSLOCK, a Dutch breakcore producer. If you’ve listened to his earlier releases you know you can expect some serious distortion on the beats and breaks and eerie atmospheric synths hovering on top. You can listen to the previews on Bandcamp to see if it’s worth your buck or warm

Photo by Garret Voight, cc-licensed

subheim dubstep mix for the headphone commute

Quickly dropping this mix in here since I’ve been enjoying it during the week while coding away at work. It’s filled with slow dubstep-ish tunes with an IDM twist full of Ad Noiseam tunes. Check it out, you’ll like it.

01 Subheim – Intro
02 Subheim – Take Me Back (EO3, Tympanik Audio 2008)
03 Subheim – Dunes – (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
04 Subheim – Untitled – (Unreleased)
05 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Lead Squid (Here Be Dragons, Ad Noiseam)
06 Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alles Andere (Bersarin Quartett, Lidar 2010)
07 Subheim – Between Fear and Love (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
08 Max Richter – Infra 7 (Infra, Fat Cat 2010)
09 Ben Lukas Boysen – Deadweight (Unreleased)
10 Subheim – Streets (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
11 Subheim – Dusk (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
12 Subheim – December (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
13 Subheim – Hush (Approach, Tympanik Audio 2008)
14 Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm – Mistakes Pt.2 (Along The Corridors, Vital 2009)
15 SE – Mimikry (Subheim remix) (L36, Tympanik Audio 2010)
16 Access to Arasaka – Sys.argv(1_) (void(), Tympanik Audio 2010)
17 Subheim – The Cold-Hearted Sea (No Land Called Home, Ad Noiseam 2010)
18 Mobthrow – Desert City Rising – (Unreleased, Ad Noiseam 2010)

presenting some kick ass breakcore from Doc Colibri


I’ve been listening to some seriously cool and kick-ass breakcore lately I downloaded completely free and legal from the interwebs. In fact I’ve linked to his stuff before here since he’s got an album up at the Love Love Recordings label.

So why this separate post then? We’ve heard of him before! Well I can’t tell if you downloaded that particular Po…pô…Popp! E.P. but you should. You really should. If you like breakcore of course. What does it sound like? Well it sounds a bit like Venetian Snares when you first listen to it. Fast energetic ravey sounding chopped up breakcore-jungle-rave tunes with a bunch of funny French samples in them and odd beat patterns. You’ll love it. But it’s not just “like vsnares”. Doc Colibri borrows the good stuff just like any good artists does and gives it his own French kiss kind of twist.
The man is keen on sampling for sure. Besides the regular jungle breaks and sounds there’s the obligatory Samuel L. Jackson or other movie sample in there as well of course. In some tunes you’ll even hear sampled bits of Aphex Twin & Snares (blasphemy!!). I think I heard a bit of Technical Itch and The Prodigy in there as well. Anyway, besides the tiny bit of inbreeding this guy has some breakcore skills worth checking out.

So if you’re up for some free wicked Colibri sounds, you can download 5 freely available albums from his Myspace page. Five free albums. I know! It’s crazy!

You can download the albums from his Myspace page under the Albums header. I’m only gonna hot-link his first 1ere Giclee album here because that’s the only one not linked directly from his Myspace page. It’s nicer that way, although I hate having to send you to a Myspace page. But hot linking isn’t cool either, so there you have it.

Photo by Danny Perez Photography, cc-licensed.

get your free and legal breakcore fix

Close to the Edge

As the holidays are only a few hours from being over and done with, I’m burning myself a neat little CD-R filled with mp3’s I’ve downloaded for free over the internet from a few netlabels I’ve been pimping in here a few times before. Never the less I’m going to mention them again because they have brought me hours of good breakcore tunes without having to leave the house or dish out some real or digital cash.

If you are in for some new and good breakcore tunes for cheaps, be sure to check out these labels.

  • The ZombFreeMP3 label over at Ninja Columbo from Miike Teknoist bringing hard DJ mixes and great hardcore drum’n’bass/breakcore releases. If you know the man’s music, you know what to expect. Sort of.
  • Then there’s Love Love Records. I mentioned them before with the Piss On Your Rave EP which turns out to be just one of the great releases hosted there. They had a bit of a hosting problem at the moment of the previous post, but that’s been mostly fixed now. So you can go ahead and get yourself some free mp3s ranging from banging breakcore beats to more IDM-ish synthy techno sounds. This compilation is a good starting point for one. Check it out!
  • isn’t bad either. I’ve scrobbled the noise I listed to over there for quite a while already. The boffins came up with some sizzling algorithms that figure out what kind of music you are into and give you a bunch of free similar music just for the heck of it. The music itself is posted on for free by the artists themselves, so it’s all fair play too. Which is nice. I got myself a good 200 MB of free tunes that way and I have to say that the larger part of it is stuff I indeed like. An interesting new way of finding out about new artists I’d say.
    If you have an account there, log in and check out Recommendations > Free mp3s

Photo by Viqi French, cc-licensed.