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albums so good you should buy them

boombox art car

I’ve got a few albums for you I bought this year, that are so good you should buy them too. So what do we have here? How about some hard-stepping drum’n’bass? Oh but that’s not all. It also has some, wait for it… dubstep influences! Or drumfunk, or whatever they call it these days.
Anyway, Peer to Peer Pressure by the duchies Eye-D and DJ Hidden is full of tunes with hard beats switching between tempo’s and genres making it one of the most original drum’n’bass/dark-electronic music albums I’ve heard in a while. When it comes to dnb they are certainly pushing the genre another notch up.

Not hectic enough for you that drum’n’bass stuff? How about turning up the tempo a notch or two, cut the breaks up into nice tiny slices and then stick them back together in a different order and use some non 4/4 patterns? Sounds good enough? Well, then you should check out the Frenchy called Ruby My Dear with his excellent Ginkgo album. Think bastard child of Venetian Snares and Mr. Oizo after a champagne orgy in the Moulin Rouge(*). If that doesn’t make sense (and it shouldn’t) you’ll just have to check out what it sounds like to find out.
This lad has released some equally sweet beats for free under the name of Doc Colibri btw.
(*) He’s French remember?

“What’s up with all the fast shit?” I hear you complain? Alright, here’s some good ear-dope to unwind after getting all souped up on the breakcore stylee. The first track I ever heard featuring Hecq was Spheres of Fury and it just blew me away. When I checked out his latest and debut album avenger, it did the very same thing. Calling this album dubstep would be insulting if you think of the typical wobbly bass-line stuff that gets pushed out by the ton these days. But this is a kick-ass album with tracks full of bass, growling and moaning synths, intricating chopped and stuttering beats which sounds quite dubsteppy at times. There, I’ve said it. But it’s a solid electronic piece of music here to stay.

Photo by hep, cc-licensed.

the other side radio, it's goooooood


More music! That’s right! And it’s the kind that most of you seem to like. Well maybe. I’m talking about The Otherside Radio, an actual radio show broadcasted over a good old F and M frequency in the United Kingdom.

“Hey, but you’re not from the UK” I hear you ponder. Well that’s right again! In fact, thanks to the wonders of technology known as The Internet and Twitter and HTML and stuff, everyone else in the world that can’t tune in to 106.6 FM can download the mp3’s of the broadcast instead. How sweet is that? Very, I know.

The show is hosted by the lovely Lisa Righteye (I’m making assumptions here, but she appears lovely anyway) with an excellent taste in music. She thus spends large portions of her wage buying the latest, freshest and most excellent tunes to play on her show for our enjoyment (I told you she was lovely). Her selections range from ever so hip dubstep over to other great electronic music genres like IDM, drum’n’bass, jungle or whatever she ends up finding awesome. If you like a tad of variation in your mixes, you’ve come to the right place.

So if you feel like discovering some great new tunes and artists, check out the online archives for a few hours of great music pressed into mp3’s.

Photo by Nite_Owl, cc-licensed.

mix link broken? request it!

Recently I got a request in one of the older posts containing a broken link to an awesome dubstep mix, asking if I could re-upload the mp3 somewhere. I checked some other older posts and noticed some of them are still getting frequent hits, but the links stopped working a long time ago. So I decided to put that gig of Google Docs space to some good use and re-upload some of those popular mixes which I still have around on my hard drive.

So far, the following posts have had their links replenished:

So if you’re hitting a post here containing some breakcore, dubstep, jungle, drum’n’bass, IDM or whatever with a link that appears to be broken, post a comment and I’ll see what I can do!

long time no beats

Pixel Lines

Well it’s still January, so officially it’s still OK to say: Happy New Year!! It’s been really quiet over here lately since non-internet things like moving to a new place and putting things in and out of boxes have eaten a lot of my spare time.

But now that things are starting to slow down a bit to their original pace again, it’s time to feed you guys some more breakcore bits I listened to over the last weeks and months.

I hope you like em.

  • At various artists have contributed fresh breakcore tunes for the new and freely downloadable Themeless 3 release. As usual it’s an eclectic mix painting all kinds of breakcore landscapes. This compilation also has a tune by CAPSLOCK, but more about him later.
  • If you would like a little less Amens and more noisy and distorted sounds to feast your ears on, this live mix from Minions and Resurrector at Darkmatter might be just what you are looking for. Get ready for 51 minutes of varied distorted breaks and beats filled with atmospheric background sounds.
  • Craving some more of those distorted beats? Well you’re in luck. This time, it isn’t for free but you can get it for as little as a single Euro so that’s OK too isn’t it? I’m talking about the latest album Combustion released by CAPSLOCK, a Dutch breakcore producer. If you’ve listened to his earlier releases you know you can expect some serious distortion on the beats and breaks and eerie atmospheric synths hovering on top. You can listen to the previews on Bandcamp to see if it’s worth your buck or warm

Photo by Garret Voight, cc-licensed