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bandcamp is full of awesome

Bandcamp is great. Not only because it allows artists from all over the earth to share their tunes and albums with the inhabitants of that same earth. No. There’s plenty of other ways to do that. Bandcamp is great because if you pay for the music, the artist gets most of the money directly. Not […]

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albums so good you should buy them

I’ve got a few albums for you I bought this year, that are so good you should buy them too. So what do we have here? How about some hard-stepping drum’n’bass? Oh but that’s not all. It also has some, wait for it… dubstep influences! Or drumfunk, or whatever they call it these days. Anyway, […]

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the other side radio, it's goooooood

More music! That’s right! And it’s the kind that most of you seem to like. Well maybe. I’m talking about The Otherside Radio, an actual radio show broadcasted over a good old F and M frequency in the United Kingdom. “Hey, but you’re not from the UK” I hear you ponder. Well that’s right again! […]

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mix link broken? request it!

Recently I got a request in one of the older posts containing a broken link to an awesome dubstep mix, asking if I could re-upload the mp3 somewhere. I checked some other older posts and noticed some of them are still getting frequent hits, but the links stopped working a long time ago. So I […]

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long time no beats

Well it’s still January, so officially it’s still OK to say: Happy New Year!! It’s been really quiet over here lately since non-internet things like moving to a new place and putting things in and out of boxes have eaten a lot of my spare time. But now that things are starting to slow down […]