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how to host a serverless static website on azure

For my little gfpg project I wanted to put a simple static website online without having to set up and maintain a web server. I read about going serverless with a static site using S3 on AWS, but I wanted to try that on Azure instead. BLOB storage seemed the obvious alternative to S3, but […]

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how to secure your wordpress blog

WordPress is popular and as it goes with all kinds of popular software, it becomes a target for hackers trying to take over and use your site to send spam into the world, or just cause some other kind of mayhem. To protect yourself from this kind of trouble, there are a few things you […]

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guess who got hacked

Let me tell you about that time my site got hacked. Once upon a time I received this email from Google. Now when Google emails you, you usually pay attention, even it it’s a bot. Those guys know their stuff. The email told me that my site was possibly hacked because it was suddenly feeding […]

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posting content anonymously

One of the cool things emerging from the gazillion web 2.0 sites that popped up like zits on an unfortunate teens face are websites where you can publish your stuff without creating accounts or registering in any way. Anonymous so to speak. Posting a quick snapshot online? Want to share a snippet of code? A […]

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10 reasons why wordpress kicks ass

5 minute install. Seriously. Install a new theme for your blog from inside WP. No need to mess with FTP clients and uploading files and stuff. Easy peasy. Tons of free and open source themes to choose from. Plugins allow endless possibilities. Whatever you are looking for probably exists already. Facebook/twitter/whatever integration, fancy widgets, syntax […]