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it’s raining hardcore this weekend: get some outside agency, teknoist & prspct beats

It’s been a while so let’s drop it hard thanks to some awesome mixed from our favourite Dutch cross-breeders The Outside Agency, UK madman The Teknoist and some PRPSCT radio bizzle. Stream online or download them, all free. Your pick. The Outside Agency lads just put out the first Outcast mix on Soundcloud. As usual, […]

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dj hidden enclosed sessions #1 & #2

2 sets from DJ Hidden filled with his trademark drum’n’bass and hardcore crossover tunes. Set #1 tends to the drum’n’bass side of things, while set #2 is for the gabba-loving-hardcore-shizzle. Happy NY and enjoy the tunes!

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free dj hidden and limewax download

Free tracks are always nice, and especially if they are from hardcore drum’n’bass artists like DJ HIdden & Limewax. To celebrate 30k fans on Facebook the lads at PRSPCT recordings have a free download up on Bandcamp with DJ Hidden’s The Resonators, Limewax’s Pain and a Resonators VIP remix by the Outside Agency. Nice. Go […]

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new droon album, because fuck it

The press release is hilarious so I’ll just copy this here. Droon stands for Belgian breakcore (think Breakcore Gives Me Wood parties baby) and he just releases 27 of his best tracks in one big album. Check it out and certainly the Cripplefight tune cause it’s fucking awesome. Droon! Your favourite Belgian B-list Breakcore Live […]

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free gritty electronica mixes by diskore

Somewhere back in 2004 I got this mix from an LA based DJ called Diskore filled with gritty, distorted electronic breaks and beats and I loved every bit of it. It has tracks from all over the electronic music spectrum. All of them sharing a dirty, unpolished and beat-heavy sound. Without a track listing I […]