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guess who got hacked

Let me tell you about that time my site got hacked. Once upon a time I received this email from Google. Now when Google emails you, you usually pay attention, even it it’s a bot. Those guys know their stuff. The email told me that my site was possibly hacked because it was suddenly feeding […]

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why I’m getting more hits since I updated my wordpress theme

Getting more hits in case of my blog means getting more Google love (90% of my traffic comes from the G), which means I get a higher ranking and end up higher in the search results. So why could this be? I don’t know really. I mean, it’s not like I A/B tested this and […]

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google reader replacement for geeks

Google Reader is quitting on us and there doesn’t seem to be an alternative if you don’t want something that tries to make your feeds look all fancy and shiny eye-candy-ish like Feedly or most of the alternatives I saw. The things I loved in Google Reader are: 1. Accessible from anywhere (which means web-based […]

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bursting out of the search bubble, or not

The search bubble. That thing where Google puts you in so your results are tailored to your preferences and habits. It’s kinda creepy and cool at the same time isn’t it? One of DuckDuckGo‘s main features is that they don’t put you in a bubble. So they don’t track your past queries, they don’t spy […]

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how to figure out if a site is a scam

I was looking into getting some ebooks so I googled around a bit and something came up that was offering a nice deal. In fact, it was so nice that a little warning indicator popped up in my brain. It was looking a bit too good to be true, you know, the typical signs of […]