running hot

My new P4 box has this cool feature where you can check the temperature of your CPU and a number of other items through software with neat looking gauges. Since I didn’t really know what is considered to be a normal CPU temp however I didn’t notice the reading where kinda high. I noticed this […]

blog geek

new layout

Been playing around with the template a bit. I wanted to get a nifty oldskool terminal kind of interface, but it was just too damn green on the eyes, so I changed it a bit. It’s still pretty green though :)

gaming geek

fr33 gaming

The boys from ID have been so kind as to release Wolfenstein “Enemy Territory”, a completely free, fully functional online 3D shooter taking after their Return to Castle Wolfenstein game. Check it out if you’re into online shooters like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty, and you’ll probably like it. Gameplay is mainly aimed […]