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better flickr viewing through piclens

I’m not the kind of guy that falls easily for eye candy. I mean yeah, I do for a few seconds, but by then I find all the fancy effects slowing things down too much, and I end up turning them off. I installed the PicLens Firefox plugin after reading a tweet about it from […]

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howto get your cell phone serial number

I just came across this bit of info, which is quite interesting and useful in the unfortunate event your cell phone would get stolen. Using your cell phones serial number you can have your network operator block the phone the next time it logs on to the network. Even when the petty thief uses a […]

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pointless 3d desktop fancyness

I came across this link to something new and super-shiny called BumpTop 3D. It’s a 3D representation of a real desktop (like on top of your desk, where that word came from in the first place), where you can manipulate files (the digital ones) by moving them, and piling them like you would on a […]

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i love my usb phone

Looking for a new cellphone a while ago, I was going to look out for a few things I learned from my last phone. Now that was a cheap Toshiba model (yup, they make phones as well, or at least made phones…) which did everything a basic phone needs to do, make and receive calls […]