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ip-cam considerations

IP cams are great. They keep an infrared eye on your stuff while you’re not around and find out what keeps pooping on your driveway (a cat it turns out). But sometimes things can get a little out of hand. So here’s a list of things that will trigger the IP cam motion detection you […]

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will windows phone 7 cut it?

A few weeks ago I was in the lion’s den at Schiphol watching a presentation of the new to come Microsoft Windows Phone 7. It was supposed to be Windows Phone development thing, but it turned out to be more of a marketing rant than a geeky app development preview. Bummer. But hey, since we […]

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mobile internet in belgium, who's the cheapest?

Note for international readers: this post concerns data limits for Belgian mobile providers making this probably not very interesting if you don’t live in this small but lovely country. You are however free to brag in the comments on how cheap your data traffic is, as that will probably be the case. Updated 28-8-2010 due […]

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motorola milestone europe android 2.1 update

I got myself a totally bad-ass Motorola Milestone Android phone a while ago. I was excited about it cause it looks so damn awesome with the black shiny display and all, and it’s got frigging Android on it so it rocks with all the apps and geekness it offers. After a while however I noticed […]

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better flickr viewing through piclens

I’m not the kind of guy that falls easily for eye candy. I mean yeah, I do for a few seconds, but by then I find all the fancy effects slowing things down too much, and I end up turning them off. I installed the PicLens Firefox plugin after reading a tweet about it from […]