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more mac bashing

I was looking back at some of my posts and had to laugh again at the Mac vs PC parody I mentioned earlier. That gamer video for instance is so funny because it turns the whole “Mac is so much cooler than PC” thing upside down. Mac is basically selling an image, and not just […]

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419's and ebola

You probably had these in your email as well, the so called Nigerian 419 scams and deleted them right away thinking nobody could ever fall for that kind of scam. Well, the shitty part is that people fall for them every day. That’s the only reason why they are still around. So sometimes I think […]

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may linkage

Ok, here are some links I’ve come across recently that I found worth sharing. I’m not into posting lots of “link only” posts, since I find those to be a bit blog polluting, but I’ll make an exception now and then. It’s also an easy way to get a post out. I know, hehe. Rebekka, […]

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a lolcat a dey keepz teh doktar uway

It’s sort of taking off an become a big hype on the intahnet. The lolcatz are taking over! I swear. What are they? Well, it’s pictures of cats, which is a good thing, since catz simply pwn, and then some funny badly spelled, sort-of Engrish text is slapped on it to make the whole thing […]

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mac bashing

You know those Apple ads where PC users turn out to be boring, slightly overweight, middle-aged goofy looking suits, and the Apple guy is this so-called hip youngster know-it-all? Now, I find those ads are kinda funny since I’m not that fond on Windows, which is basically what this is about, but sometimes they get […]