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a lolcat a dey keepz teh doktar uway

It’s sort of taking off an become a big hype on the intahnet. The lolcatz are taking over! I swear.
What are they? Well, it’s pictures of cats, which is a good thing, since catz simply pwn, and then some funny badly spelled, sort-of Engrish text is slapped on it to make the whole thing into something that makes you ROFLYAO.

At least that’s what this stuff does to me. This stuff really made me LOL when I first ran into it, so it’s lolcatz for sure. And patterns are emerging too, which makes it more fun, like the lolrus and the bucket saga, invisible stuff and all kinds things with flavours.

Check em out. Pull that feed in your RSS reader, and have a laugh at these funnies every day.


mac bashing

A funny iPod spoof. Seriously, it is.You know those Apple ads where PC users turn out to be boring, slightly overweight, middle aged goofy looking suits, and the Apple guy is this so called hip youngster know-it-all?
Now, I find those ads are kinda funny since I’m not that fond on Windows, which is basically what this is about, but sometimes they get so clich√© that, as a PC user, you might feel a bit insulted.

Just a tad though.
But anyway, here’s some links that do it the other way around.

This page for instance is about one thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t. You’ll have to check it to find out though.

And this Youtube video is about yet another thing PC users can do that Mac users can’t.

It’s funny cause it’s true.

happy 1st of november

Happy Halloween folks.

And for those not happy about Halloween, a happy non-Halloween! May your day be void of dressed up children and carved out pumpkins.

Instead of a rant about how Halloween is being shoved down our throats by commerce, how about something to laugh about. Yes, something I find really funny, and it’s a cartoon blog I discovered a while ago, which keeps coming up with brilliantly sarcastic and dark humoristic jokes.

Wondermark ownz. It’s 3 times the same picture, ripped from some old illustration or clipart, but it’s bloody hilarious anyway.

Hope you like it, cause I wouldn’t put it up here if I’d think you wouldn’t.
Todays comic is, of course, about Halloween, and a bit more surprising, pedophilia.

None of which are Belgian traditions. Really.

banksy pwned paris hilton

Paris Hilton, naked, just the way we like her.I always loved the social criticism Banksy spread through the streets with his stencil and graffiti art, and his occasional pranks, like the one where he put some of his own art in the Brooklyn museum. But his last one where he enhanced 500 copies of the first and hopefully last Paris Hilton CD with his own views of her well earned fame really puts the cherry on the pie.

There’s this video up at youtube on how the whole thing was done, which is nice, and if you feel like taking a closer look at the art itself, you can check out these images I ripped and posted in my flickr gallery.

Credits where credits are due however, so I have to say I ripped the pictures from a myspace contant of mine going by the name of SirKazm, another Banksy fan, and judging from the URL’s to the images came from, he got them from the celebrity gossip blog called The Gossip Rag. If you’re into news like Jessica Alba’s fetish for dolphins, this might be a site for you.

The thought of this all will make it at least a bit more bearable to hear that bubble-gum pop reggae crap tune being played so bloody much on the commercial radio stations these days.

Just a bit though.

fun with boring spam

SPAMIt’s interesting to see how spammers keep finding ways to circumvent the latest in spam detection technology.

A new tactic seems to be that in order to have their emails passed the spam detection filters, they start writing pretty damn normal emails. I mean like, seriously, who would have thought. It’s back to square one I guess, and with emails like this, it’s even becoming harder to detect the rotten apples in your own inbox on sight.


You might even start replying to the spammer in question, because you think he somehow send you a message that wasn’t intended for you?

> —–Original Message—–
> From: Greg []
> Sent: maandag 15 mei 2006 10:02
> Subject: Erections are still possible Garry
> There are 100’s of websites to buy medication for Erectile
> Difficulties, but not for 1.56 cents a pill. We have some of
> the lowest pricing on the internet.
> If you are already paying hundreds of dollars, then you should visit:
> Sincerely,
> Greg
> Customer Service Team
> cloudburst you bellicose me, bask coed abe . adhere you
> irrespective me, cyprus . zombie you berg me, iconoclast
> vagary divert cupid .
> baylor you bart me, merrill . deposition you manor me, aware
> . noaa you ouch me, devise .

Dear Greg,

I think you have to wrong guy here.

First of all, my name isn’t Garry. I don’t know the poor sod, but judging from your email he definitely needs some help. Second I don’t have erectile difficulties, thank God (and I’m not even religious). Where did you pick up the word “erectile” btw, it’s kinda funny.

Anyway, I don’t have those kind of issues. Oh and by the way, I don’t want my “hotrod” to be larger than it is either, in case you have pills to fix that as well. I got a bunch of emails about that too, but I can’t remember who those where from. Oh, and don’t get me started on the increase your jizz kinda pill. What the hell is up with that? Which girl is going to be pleased with that I wonder? You’ve been watching too much porn if you think every girl wants a double pearl necklace my friend. Too much porn can give you funny ideas like that. Like thinking that a girl hasn’t had a good day until she has some tripple penetration and her fair share of ooh yeah babies or oh my Gods (yep, on the religious tip again). So turn off that BitTorrent client of yours and stop wasting so much damn bandwith on smut!

But I degress.

I do have one more tip for you however Greg. You should really try and get a more intuitive domain name for your website. There’s no way I’ll ever remember going to if I would end up having those manly problems at some point. Can you even remember that name? I think not!

An URL like that will not turn up in any Google searches relevant to you business either, which isn’t good for your return on investment.

Kind regards,

ps: I think there’s something wrong with your email software as well. There’s some weird jibberish in your email footer. Maybe check out Thunderbird oslt, cause it rawks.

omfg they won

I laughed my ass off when I heard this.
Lordi actually won the Eurovision singing contest! Hilarious stuff, and it proves once more what kind of a weird farce the whole Eurovision thing really is.
Once again the televoting system is under attack, mostly by countries that lost, but hey, it does suck.

I say next year Belgium should send in a bunch of cross-dressing transexual midget clowns that do a farting-accapella act on an acid techno tune.
We’ll win for sure!