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all you can eat twitter stats

Pic by CatCubed, cc-licensed Twitter. It’s kinda fun. It’s also fun to see how much apps are popping up all over the place doing something with the public data from the twitter feeds. Stuff like Twitterholic for instance, which gives you an overview of which twits have the most followers. Barack Obama is clearly at […]

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about lemmings, drugs, portraits and stuff

Stuff we came across recently, not worthy of a full post but fun, interesting or sweet enough to get stuffed together in an orgy of hyperlink goodness. Lemmings the oldskool computer game rewritten for the web. If this gets you excited you are probably old. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s probably something you […]

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7 bandwidth diet tips for belgians

Belgacom and Telenet are the major broadband providers in Belgium, and both are still upholding archaic bandwidth limitations for their users. This makes us Belgians look like 3rd world internauts and with more and more bandwidth gobbling sites like YouTube, Flickr, streaming radio or television becoming mainstream, it’s getting harder and harder to stay within […]

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a bunch o' links

Yes. It’s that time again. We have been too busy screwing around with all sorts of everything and nothing much that we didn’t have time to spend on a proper blog post. So we end up posting a bunch of links to nifty sites that we’ve come across in the past few days. Or weeks. […]

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get your own instant wiki-esque site

Just found out about Jottit (via lifehacker) and I have to say it looks so sweet I’m dying to set something up with it. It’s a super-easy way to create a website using the wiki editing principles, but it also allows plain HTML to be inserted for images or whatever. Always handy if you have […]