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motorola support jungle

Last time I was in need of some Motorola support I found out they have tons of channels available on the internet, but hardly any where you get some actual answers to your questions. The user support forum for example is just that. Populated by users trying to help out, but mostly you run into […]

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ie8 finally caught up

Did you see the puke commercial Microsoft has running to promote IE8? They pulled it already on their own site but it’s on Youtube now so it’s gonna stay out there for now. But the thing is that they are throwing some big bucks at it to promote their latest IE release which bring us […]

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openDNS is nice

I’m saying nice, cause it ain’t awesome enough to be… well.. awesome, but it’s nice. So what is it? Well you probably know what DNS is, and if you don’t this will probably not interest you, but openDNS offers an alternative to you ISP’s boring old and slow DNS solution. OpenDNS is faster and more […]

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your website sucks in so many ways

Well, maybe not yours, but if it qualifies for the following rules, it does. So check em out. You can’t store my name. My name contains something called an umlaut which is used in Germanic languages like German (duh) and Dutch for instance. My name either turns up with a missing letter, or I get […]

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still a windows geek

Originally this post was called “I’m a Windows geek”, and was about how I installed Ubuntu after not being able to reinstall Windows XP because something was making the hardware detection lock up. Using Ubuntu I did manage to get through the hardware detection, and eventually diagnosed the problem to be able to reinstall the […]